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How A History Radio Show Became A Hit In The Podcasting World

How Dan Carlin's "Hardcore History" became a staple in the podcasting world.
Podcast Growth System Blog Post

The Podcast Growth System [INFOGRAPHIC]

Most podcasters find that after the initial success of launching their show, podcast growth becomes harder. Meaning, it becomes harder and harder to gain new listeners and subscribers. This is why I’ve been working to compile insights we have gained over the years in launching different shows for a variety of clients.
Podcast SEO and Facebook Marketing Mistakes

5 Big Podcast SEO and Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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Traditional SEO matters for your podcast, now more than ever. This post outlines some common podcast SEO and podcast Facebook marketing mistakes, and ways to avoid them in the first place.
Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content revisited: how to boost your site rank and traffic​

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Cornerstone content is an SEO internal link strategy that helps search engine attribute importance and rank to your most critical and important pages. Here is how to apply it on your site.
Promote your podcast on Facebook, but not linking directly to iTunes

5 Reasons NOT to Promote Your Podcast on Facebook

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If you have a podcast, then one of your top priorities will be to increase your audience size. After all, if you create a podcast to which no one listens, does it even matter? So at first glance, you may think that running Facebook Ads would be a good vehicle to promote your podcast and help increase your listening numbers and subscribers. After all, Facebook will allow you to finely target your audience and do it in a very cost effective way.
SEO image optimization for podcasters

How Image Optimization Can Improve Your Search Engine Visibility

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SEO Image Optimization takes advantage of an often overlooked SEO factor - images in posts contribute heavily to your post's SEO rank.
4 Secrets to Great Episode Titles

Great Podcast Episode Titles – Use these 4 SEO Techniques

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Your podcast episode title is likely something that will get shared on social media, and more importantly will show up in search results and on iTunes as well. Given how much time you are putting into creating a podcast, it is worth spending a little extra effort on creating a good title that makes people want to click through and listen or read more.
Podcast Keyword Strategies explained

6 Proven Keyword Strategies Podcasters And Bloggers Love

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Understanding of SEO keywords strategies and finding good keyphrases often starts with big misconceptions. Here are 6 tips to help you do it the right way.
How To Make Podcast SEO Optimization Work for You

How To Make Podcast SEO Optimization Work for You

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The definitive podcast SEO optimization survival guide. Learn how to rank better in Google, iTunes and Bing. Earn organic traffic to your show and episode pages, and build your podcast email subscribers in the process!
How to start a podcast as content strategy in 2015

How To Start A Podcast As A Content Strategy

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The definitive guide on starting a podcast as a valid content marketing strategy that will generate leads and increase your business site's Alexa ranking as well as Google SEO scores.