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Podcasting Resources Guide 2.0

The 2021 Podcasting Resources Guide & Directory

Helps You Launch and Promote Your Podcast, Get More Traffic, Grow Your Subscribers & Rank. This is NOT a PDF, but a live directory constantly being updated! New version 2.0 


Curious about podcasting?  Veteran podcaster already? From planning, to launching, to promoting a podcast, this podcasting resource directory has you covered!

Podcasting Resources Guide

What's Inside? Here Are our Podcasting Resource Categories

Podcasting Gear Guides

If you are just starting a podcast, then microphone and headphone selection and recording gear choices can be confusing. We feature  recommendations from popular podcasting sites, and also have our own Polymash podcast equipment choices, mixer and mic selections to offer.

Podcasting Tutorials and How To Guides

A directory of tutorials on podcasting, podcast strategy & marketing as well as technical and sound processing techniques. Before publishing your first podcast episode, you benefit from a bit of research. Whether you are using Adobe Audition or Audacity for audio editing, these tutorials will help.

Music and Sound Effects

When starting a podcast the branding is not just visual, but auditory. This means picking out the best music for your intro and outro, and also effects for transitions or music beds during the show. Podcast production values are increasing, storytelling podcasts are on the rise, and selecting the right sound can be a critical element in branding your show and engaging your audience. There are a number of sites and resources to help you source legal and royalty free sounds.

Voice Over Artists

For people developing their intros and outros, we often recommend getting a professional VO artist to introduce the host of the show. We usually recommend female intros for male hosts and vice versa - because we like the juxtaposition. We feature a growing directory of voice over artists.

Podcast Marketing, Email List Building & Podcast SEO

As the number of podcasts increases, getting your show notices is harder than ever before. For most of us podcast growth and marketing has to happen outside of Apple Podcasts, at least after the initial launch and presence in the new and noteworthy section is over. SEO and traditional marketing are becoming ever more important.

Podcasting Software and Tools

From recording software like Adobe Audition and Audacity to more advanced audio tools, the rapid growth of podcasting has introduced a host of amazing recording tools & possibilities. Using Garageband may be tempting, but a lot of Mac and PC platforms now offer so much more.

Remote Recording Software

In a Covid World (and hopefully soon post-Covid), remote interviews with your guests are the new normal. Skype and Zoom seem like obvious choices, but your podcast audience cares about sound quality, and remote recording platforms offer much better high quality recordings. We've collected some of the podcast remote interview recording platforms that have worked best for our clients and podcasts we produce.  

Podcasting Directories To Submit Your Show To

Ensuring your podcast can be easily discovered by listeners on existing platforms may be a passive promotion method. But, it also one of the easiest marketing approaches you can take. You're looking to make sure your podcast has the most reach possible, beyond just using social media. Being in the right podcast directories, not just Apple Podcasts AKA iTunes, is a great start towards marketing your podcast.

Podcast Guest Booking Services & Podcast Placement Marketing

These services find and book guests, and can often drastically reduce the time it takes to collect guest information like bio, profile pics and social media links.

An even more important aspect for podcast booking services is that they can place you and your podcast as guests on other popular shows. Getting in front of your ideal audience is one of the most effective podcast subscriber growth strategies we have seen. 

General Podcast Sites and Resources

These sites provide "How To" content, either as podcasts, blog articles, on-line courses or downloadables. Understand more about your podcast RSS feed, how to select the best podcast host and in-depth topics.

Juergen Berkessel

About the Creator of this Podcasting Resource

My name is Juergen Berkessel. 

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2010, when I left my corporate job and started a Marketing Agency that published iOS and Android apps - and learned how to market on the iTunes app store. 

Then I discovered my passion: Helping authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and start-ups grow their online presence through podcasting as content strategy. We launched a number of #1 shows on iTunes and I was hooked after seeing the results.

I've compiled this podcasting resources list as a podcasting directory and repository for other podcasters. I wanted to create a single place where to access all the podcasting related sites, tutorials, music choices, gear guides, recommendations and more...

I am a believer in podcasting as a content strategy for businesses.

What Other Podcasters Are Saying:

“The Real Deal”


“Polymash is the real deal! I originally started working with Juergen to simply assist me with podcast production. What I received from him in service, dependability, turn around time, guidance, and coaching far exceeded my expectations. Without his help, I would not have successfully launched my podcast and re-branded my website. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Larry Hagner - Author, Speaker, and Founder of The Good Dad Project

“Ranked as #1 on Google Search”


"My goal was to rank as #1 on Google for the keyword ‘Customer Experience Podcast’. Polymash helped me get there within a few months!"

Jeanne Bliss - World renowned CX Author, Speaker, Founder at CustomerBliss

“This is high level info, loving it!”


I contacted Juergen through the website and took him up on his offer of a free podcast training session through Zoom. He was very generous with his time, and gave me tons of great tips and ideas on how to improve my show. I am now going through each episode and taking notes on ways I can improve my podcast. This is high level info, loving it

Dave Sherwin - Host, the Diroby Health Show

“Juergen brought massive vlue”


Juergen gave me powerful new ways of thinking about how audiences search and find podcasts. Also, he had killer insights about the funnel process. Highly recommend scheduling a consult with Juergen. You won't be disappointed.

Anthony Vicino - Invictus Capital

“There are no words to describe how grateful I am for Juergen and his team at Polymash!”


They are the rare combination of SEO + design + branding + business savvy that makes them the perfect team to execute your content and business goals. Juergen worked efficiently, strategically and intuitively and the results of his work has been game changing for my business!

Katie Krimitsos - Women's Meditation Network Podcast

“Do. Not. Miss. This!”


Juergen radiates integrity, and is full of invaluable insight, expertise and inspiration. He is the real deal, and I am beyond grateful I found his work. I just launched my podcast with his help. I just hit New and Noteworthy, and I plan to continue following his guidance and relying on his skill. It is rare to find a teacher and guide of his caliber. Do yourself a favor--Do. Not. Miss.This!

Ken Page - Host, Deeper Dating Podcast

“Getting on page one of Google Search Results”


“Polymash helped me get on page one of Google for my main business keyword, even though it is competitive! Now 65% of my site traffic comes from organic search.”

Robyn Stratton - Speaker, Author & Founder, Positivity Strategist Podcast

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Making the decision to go with Polymash for podcast design and consulting was literally the best decision we could have made. Juergen's level of expertise was exactly what we needed and were looking for to get our podcast up and running. Not only did he deliver on everything he promised, but we easily received 10x the value with the information that he taught us along the way. For anyone that is looking to launch or improve their podcast and its' reach, I highly recommend that you consider the products and services that Polymash offers. You won't be disappointed! Want proof? Our podcast, Wealth Junkies, broke the Top 50 in its' category, within the first weekend of being launched! When you want something done right, find the right help.

Stuart Dukeman - CEO Capital Partners, Wealth Junkies Podcast

“A simple strategy to ensure success”


The process of launching and growing a podcast became so smooth for us. I was intimidated by what we may have to do to get this off the ground and you outlined a simple strategy for us to follow to ensure success. Thank you for sharing all your wisdom and experience with us to make our launch successful.

Dr. Bryan Joseph - Host, the Wellness Connection Show

“Dive into the Polymash Experience”


I found this podcast late in my launch phase. I've been listening to a bunch of other ones, following a bunch of other tools and solutions, and generally chasing my tail for a couple of months now. Thing is, Polymash and Jeurgen have somehow figured out how to best them all. The website and email newsletter are chock full of value first. They have (obviously) made that a priority. And the podcast is a wonderful example of the podcaster I want to be. If you're thinking about starting or growing a podcast, dive into the Polymash experience. You won't be disappointed.

Marshall Lichty - Host, "Lawyers with ADHD" Podcast