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Tracing Our Roots in Digital Innovation and Podcast Mastery

Juergen Berkessel

Our Origins

Polymash began in 2010, pivoting from app development to podcasting to empower clients with storytelling and thought leadership. Today, Polymash is a leader in podcast production, offering technical expertise and strategic guidance to make every podcast impactful.


At Polymash, our roots in digital innovation have been integral to our approach in podcasting. We blend our expertise in developing custom AI tools and solutions with podcast production to deliver exceptional audio experiences. Our commitment to innovation enhances our clients' brand authority and messaging through data-driven strategies and SEO.

What We Focus On

Audio Engineering

We provide professional audio production, ensuring your podcast boasts crystal-clear sound quality and a polished, broadcast-ready finish.

SEO-Driven Discovery

Our SEO experts craft show notes and content strategies that boost your podcast's findability and organic reach in search engine rankings.

Strategic Growth

Leveraging our launch expertise, we guide your podcast's debut for maximum engagement, setting the stage for sustained growth and a dedicated listener base.

Meet Our Podcasting Experts

Get acquainted with the experts behind Polymash's podcasting prowess. Our team brings a diverse set of skills, wit, and a touch of geekiness to the world of podcasting.

As the founder, Juergen orchestrates Polymash's strategy with a blend of creativity and tech savvy. He's the guiding force behind our innovative podcasting solutions.

Juergen Berkessel - Digital Maestro

Robyn infuses every project with her expertise in appreciative inquiry, fostering a positive, strength-based approach to content creation and audience engagement.

Robyn Stratton - Content Conductor

Kathleen is the multitasking maestro at Polymash, adeptly juggling podcast production with administrative prowess. Since 2015, she's been the backbone of support, ensuring seamless operations and strategic social media presence for our clients.

Kathleen Bufete - Podcast Producer

Joanna, our podcast manager, brings order to the creative chaos. Her skills keep projects on track and ensure that every podcast episode is a masterpiece of precision.

Joanna Balagtas - Organizational Wizard

The Polymash Difference

When partnering with Polymash for your podcasting needs, you gain access to a wealth of expertise and a suite of benefits designed to enhance your podcasting journey. Here are four key advantages of working with our team:

Expertise in SEO and Content Strategy

Our deep understanding of SEO and content marketing ensures your podcast is discoverable and resonates with your target audience.

Professional Audio Production

We provide high-quality audio production services that result in clear, professionally sounding podcasts for an engaging listener experience.

Custom AI Tool Development

Leverage our custom AI tools designed to streamline podcast production and enhance listener engagement through innovative technology.

Strategic Launch Planning

Our strategic launch planning maximizes your podcast's impact from the first episode, setting a strong foundation for continued growth and success.

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