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Did you know that after the initial launch it is easier to gain subscribers from your web site than from iTunes?

Learn how to rank better in Google, iTunes and Bing. Earn organic traffic to your show and episode pages, and build your podcast email subscribers in the process!

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Lesson #1

Course Intro & Making Podcast SEO Work for You

Lesson #2

Proven Keyword Strategies for The  Web & App Stores

Lesson #3

Great Podcast Episode Titles Using SEO Techniques

Lesson #4

SEO Image Optimization Tricks Podcasters Need To Know

Lesson #5

Increase Your Traffic With Search Result Visualization

A Future Proof Way to Grow Your Show
Without Spending Money On Ads!

Many people are intimidated by Search Engine Optimization and think earning organic traffic to their blog, podcast episode and show pages is out of reach... and maybe you feel the same way.

Isn't it too complicated, too technical, too time consuming?

SEO Course for Podcast Producer Hosts

It's time to realize that SEO represents a massive advantage for you, if you learn the simple basic techniques for creating optimized show and episode posts and gain some earned traffic.

The time it takes to learn and apply the basic concepts outlined in this course pales in comparison to the time you are already spending on recording and producing your show. So with a little additional effort and a few good tools you might as well benefit from making your show more findable and increasing your site rank in the process.

Sure, some podcast producers and marketers spend money on Facebook Ads in order to increase traffic and increase listeners. But a much better strategy is to FIRST ensure your episodes are findable on the web - BEFORE spending money on ads.

It's a win-win.

What You'll Discover in this 5-Part Course:

  • SEO Basic Concepts
    An overview of what SEO is all about, why it is important and how you can easily make it work for you. 
  • The Forgotten Key
    Learn about the one aspect of podcast SEO that is extremely important, but overlooked by your competitors.
  • Keyword Research Misconceptions
    Learn to avoid these fundamental mistakes many podcasters make when researching keywords.
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
    SEO is not just for Google and the Web, there are tricks to make your show more findable on iTunes.
  • The Recipe for Great Episode Titles
    Copy our exact recipes for creating conversion boosting episode titles that are click and share-worthy!
  • The Traffic Advantage
    See how you can make each episode contribute to getting organic traffic from multiple sources.
  • The "Blind Date" Theory
    Learn about conversion optimization and how to capture your listener's email address.
  • How Episode Images Can Boost Your Rank
    Learn a technique to include and optimize images in your show notes for a rank boost .

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