Polymash Podcasting & Growth Marketing Courses

These courses are perfect for podcasters that want to learn to grow their show themselves. While we offer many group and on-to-one workshops and marketing services, these courses are designed to be the most affordable DIY option to get started.

Existing Course Members:

Irresistible Opt-Ins, List Building and Conversion Strategies For Podcasters

This course is for podcasters who want to rapidly grow their email lists. Today’s “Subscriber Landscape” challenges our assumptions about podcast email subscribers and list building. We explore how to create Irresistible Opt-Ins and lead magnets for your podcast. 

Podcast SEO - How to Grow Your Podcast & Website For Free

How to grow your podcast, get more traffic, subscribers & increased rank. Step by step guides and practical SEO marketing techniques to build your listener base and gain traffic for your show organically.

Content Marketing and Syndication For Podcasters

How can you make your podcast grow? Paid ads are expensive. Can you afford to compete with celebrities and big brands? The answer is yes, you can compete, but on a different playing field: SEO Based Content Marketing & Google Search!