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A Video Series SEO Based Podcast Content Marketing Course

Podcast Content Marketing Presentation at PodFest Expo 1200This video based podcast content marketing course provides an overview and highly effective approach to podcast content marketing and SEO. The techniques and approach to SEO based podcast growth apply in 2022 and beyond, though the material is based on content I presented in person at a packed PodFest Expo Session in early 2020, before the Corona Virus struck..

About the Content

Podcasting has become highly competitive. Ever more so in 2022. Major players have entered the space. A lot of celebrities and marketing powerhouses with lots of money to spend on advertising and PR are launching podcasts. Ad money is flowing into the industry and crowding out awareness of the smaller podcasters. And while there are a lot more podcasts and episodes available, listener growth has been only 5%.

So how can you make your show grow? Paid ads are expensive. Can you afford to compete with celebrities and big brands? The answer is yes, you can compete, but on a different playing field: SEO Based Content Marketing & Google Search! This course serves as an overview of our more detailed Podcast SEO Marketing Course that explores the step by step implementation details. I would also encourage checking out our Podcastingstrategy podcast with details on our approach to podcast content syndication.

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