Planning or Launching a Podcast?

Podcasting Resources Guide 2.0

Launching, producing and marketing a podcast just got easier. Our guide is a single place to access the ever growing list of all the podcasting related tools, sites, tutorials, music choices, gear guides, recommendations and more.

Passion For Podcasting

As Polymash's founder, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of podcasting as a content strategy for businesses and individuals alike.

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Juergen Berkessel, Polymash Founder & CEO

 From fostering a tribe of loyal listeners to boosting SEO-driven website traffic and opening doors to speaking engagements, the medium offers a unique way to establish trust and authority. Our clients, ranging from entrepreneurs to large corporates, have not only found their voice but have also scaled the heights of podcast charts, and you can too—with Polymash, the intricate becomes manageable, turning podcasting into a rewarding venture.

The SEO Optimized Podcast Show Notes
Quick Reference Guide

Anatomy of SEO Optimized Podcast Show Notes Explained
  • Polymash’s podcast SEO planning, optimization & publishing template
  • SEO Tools We Use
  • URL do's and don'ts
  • Episode Content Sub Headings
  • Show Notes Content Sections
  • TOC - Table of Contents
  • CTA - Calls To Action
SEO Optimized Show Notes Guide Cover

Could You Use Help With Your Launch?

The right approach to launch your podcast as an evergreen business asset

You focus on recording and team up with us to take care of the technical details of launching your show.

You record, and we handle the podcast audio production process. We'll make you and your guest sound great with broadcast-ready sound quality.

Great show notes are a reason for your audience to visit your website. This package is designed to provide you with more than the essentials for enhancing your podcast’s online presence, SEO, and social media content for listener engagement.

Podcast Launch
Podcast Production
Podcast Marketing
Podcast launch Logos
Podcast Logos from Content Marketing Clients
Podcast Logos from Podcast Marketing Clients

What Other Podcasters Are Saying:

Larry Hagner 
Host & Founder, the
Good Dad Project Podcast

"Polymash is the real deal, Juergen helped me launch my podcast to #1 in iTunes - strategically . Plus Polymash helped re-design my site for better conversions."

Jeanne Bliss 
The Chief Customer Officer
Human Duct Tape Show

"My goal was to rank on page #1 on Google for the keyword  'Customer Experience Podcast'.
Polymash helped me get there, just Google it!  "

Vaughn Kohler 
The MFCEO Project Pdocast

"Polymash SEO and launch techniques  helped us be #1, and we've added over 16,000 listener emails to our list!"

Robyn Stratton 
Host & Founder 
Positivity Strategist Podcast

"Polymash helped me get on page one of Google for my main business keyword, even though it is competitive! Now 65% of my site traffic comes from organic search."

There are no words to describe how grateful I am for Juergen and his team at Polymash!

They are the rare combination of SEO + design + branding + business savvy that makes them the perfect team to execute your content and business goals. Juergen worked efficiently, strategically and intuitively and the results of his work has been game changing for my business!

Polymash was definitely the right choice for us.

Making the decision to go with Polymash for podcast design and consulting was literally the best decision we could have made. Juergen's level of expertise was exactly what we needed and were looking for to get our podcast up and running. Not only did he deliver on everything he promised, but we easily received 10x the value with the information that he taught us along the way. For anyone that is looking to launch or improve their podcast and its' reach, I highly recommend that you consider the products and services that Polymash offers. You won't be disappointed! Want proof? Our podcast, Wealth Junkies, broke the Top 50 in its' category, within the first weekend of being launched! When you want something done right, find the right help.

Dave Sherwin Host, the Diroby Health Show

This is high level info, loving it!

I contacted Juergen through the website and took him up on his offer of a free podcast training session through Zoom. He was very generous with his time, and gave me tons of great tips and ideas on how to improve my show. I am now going through each episode and taking notes on ways I can improve my podcast. This is high level info, loving it

Dive into the Polymash Experience

I found this podcast late in my launch phase. I've been listening to a bunch of other ones, following a bunch of other tools and solutions, and generally chasing my tail for a couple of months now. Thing is, Polymash and Jeurgen have somehow figured out how to best them all. The website and email newsletter are chock full of value first. They have (obviously) made that a priority. And the podcast is a wonderful example of the podcaster I want to be. If you're thinking about starting or growing a podcast, dive into the Polymash experience. You won't be disappointed.

Ken Page Host, Deeper Dating Podcast

Do. Not. Miss. This!

Juergen radiates integrity, and is full of invaluable insight, expertise and inspiration. He is the real deal, and I am beyond grateful I found his work. I just launched my podcast with his help. I just hit New and Noteworthy, and I plan to continue following his guidance and relying on his skill. It is rare to find a teacher and guide of his caliber. Do yourself a favor--Do. Not. Miss.This!

The Ultimate Podcasting Resource

Since 2014, I have been growing a comprehensive podcasting resources directory. It covers podcasting courses and learning programs, podcasting technique tutorials, podcasts about podcasting, transcription services, recording software reviews, and many other resources.  

Podcasting Resources Guide 2.0

Launching, producing and marketing a business podcast just got easier.

Podcasting Resources Guide 2.0

Optimizing Your Podcast Production

A growth-oriented podcast production approach with video options

Podcast Production Articles

Podcast Production Workflow

Podcast Production Framework 

Most business oriented podcasts are interview based. The concept is to talk with leaders in your field and share their insights and experience with your audience. We help podcasters develop production processes to fit their podcast production goals.

A Podcast Production Framework

While podcasters relish the creative aspect of recording and engaging with guests, the technical side—editing audio, tagging metadata, and crafting SEO-friendly show notes—often feels tedious. At Polymash, our Podcast Production Framework streamlines these processes, delivering professional audio quality and compelling content, all with the aim of maximizing efficiency and listener engagement. Here's what we focus on:

  • Broadcast ready audio
  • Automating the process as much as possible
  • Templates to help with everything
  • Episode planning for SEO and content themes
  • Click-worthy show notes & episode titles

Our Podcast Production Services:

You record, we handle the podcast audio production process. We'll make you and your guest sound great with broadcast ready sound quality.

Great show notes are a reason for your audience to visit your website. This package is designed to provide you with more than the essentials for enhancing your podcast’s online presence, SEO, and social media content for listener engagement.

You record, we handle the video production process. Perhaps, more importantly, we are YouTube SEO experts and can optimize your videos for channel growth.

Podcast Marketing and Subscriber Growth

What is the best way to promote a podcast?

More Than Show Notes: Content Marketing Campaigns For Your Podcast 

Our writers and SEO experts craft podcast content marketing campaigns to drive discoverability, traffic & email list growth.

The Apple Podcast Charts may be broken, but here are top alternative strategies, tactics and mistakes to avoid when promoting your podcast.

A video walk-through of a highly converting podcast website design that engages your listeners and turns them into  email subscribers.

Promoting a podcast effectively in 2024 involves a dynamic approach as platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google frequently update their algorithms. While gaining listeners on Apple Podcasts is a common goal for podcasters, it's not the only strategy for success. 

A robust online presence, mainly through a well-designed podcast website, is essential for subscriber growth. Paid ads can direct traffic to a high-converting landing page, while organic search can benefit from SEO-optimized show notes.

Our podcast marketing approach at Polymash ensures a steady stream of new subscribers by focusing on:

  • Diversifying promotion across various channels and not relying solely on Apple Podcasts.
  • Leveraging the podcast website as the central hub for subscriber acquisition.
  • Implementing SEO strategies to enhance organic discoverability and web traffic.
  • Creating engaging, optimized content that resonates with both listeners and search engines.
Podcast SEO ROI


By following our framework, clients typically see 65% of their traffic coming from organic search, translating to significant cost savings over paid advertising and a solid return on investment.

Could you use some Podcast Marketing Help?

Content marketing, SEO and conversion optimization to increase your audience size

Podcast Launch, Marketing & Growth Consultation

One-on-one session on how to optimize launch, marketing and growth for your podcast. This affordable session will help your show, your site and current marketing efforts.

These podcast coaching programs for individuals and teams will help solve all of your podcast launch, production and marketing questions.

Maximize your podcast growth and marketing efforts with online "one to one" coaching.

We will develop a custom podcast promotion plan for your show.

Podcast Marketing Course

How to grow your podcast. Get more subscribers, website traffic and increased rank with this step by step online course teaching you podcast promotion methods.

Could you use more Email Subscribers?

The Conversion Optimized Podcast Homepage Quick Reference Guide

A Podcast Website Design Pattern For Conversion and List Building
  • The web design template
  • Build your own "Upside Down" podcast home page
  • Section by section guidelines and advice

The Podcast Marketing Course

  • SEO Basic Concepts
    An overview of what SEO is all about, why it is important and how you can easily make it work for you. 
  • The Forgotten Key
    Learn about the one aspect of podcast SEO that is extremely important, but overlooked by your competitors.
  • Keyword Research Misconceptions
    Learn to avoid these fundamental mistakes many podcasters make when researching keywords.
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
    SEO is not just for Google and the Web, there are tricks to make your show more findable on Apple Podcasts.
  • Wordpress Plugin Optimization
    Yoast SEO plugin is the most popular SEO solution for Wordpress sites. Ensure it is set up correctly. 
  • Develop Your Podcast Cornerstones
    A reliable, step by step guide to develop podcast themes and episode groupings that rank in the search results.
  • The Recipe for Great Episode Titles
    Copy our exact recipes for creating conversion boosting episode titles that are click and share-worthy!
  • The Traffic Advantage
    See how you can make each episode contribute to getting organic traffic from multiple sources.
  • The "Blind Date" Theory
    Learn about conversion optimization and how to capture your listeners' email address.
  • How Episode Images Can Boost Your Rank
    Learn a technique to include and optimize images in your show notes for a rank boost.

A Future Proof Way to Grow Your Show
Without Spending Money On Ads!

Many people are intimidated by Search Engine Optimization.
This hands-on course for podcasters demystifies SEO.

About Polymash Podcasting

Juergen Berkessel

About Juergen Berkessel

My name is Juergen Berkessel, and my entrepreneurial journey started in 2010, when I left my corporate job.

After years of having created and managed enterprise software systems, I started a Marketing Agency that published iOS and Android apps - and I learned how to market these on the iTunes app store. 

Then I discovered my passion: Helping authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and start-ups grow their online presence through podcasting as content strategy.

We launched a couple of #1 shows on iTunes - Apple Podcasts -  and I was hooked after seeing the results. None of these were instant successes, mind you. But the benefits in terms of traffic, leads, relationships kept increasing steadily.

So whether you are passionate about your message, or focused on business outcomes of podcasting, feel free to schedule a conversation to see how podcasting could work for you, or how you could grow your existing show even further.