Podcast SEO Saturdays – May 2 Livestream Recap [VIDEO]

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Podcast SEO Saturdays - May 2 Livestream Recap [VIDEO]

Last Updated on January 16, 2024

SEO Saturdays – May 2 is our latest in our fortnightly livestream event on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. We seek to expand and shift podcasters assumptions around traditional ways of marketing and promoting podcasts. We invite guests to join us – those working on elevating their content, and those who have potential solutions to offer. (NB – while our focus is specific to podcasting – this show is equally useful to any digital content).

SEO Saturdays - May 2 2020
Join us at seosturdays.com to have your podcast SEO optimization done live!

SEO Saturdays – May 2 Table Of Contents

  1. SEO Saturdays – May 2 Livestream Replay Video
  2. How SEO Saturdays Works
  3. Featured Podcasts
  4. Links And References
  5. Next Time

SEO Saturdays – May 2 Livestream Recap Video

Click above for a replay of our SEO Saturdays – May 2 2020 Live Stream

How SEO Saturdays Works

SEO Saturdays is growing and we continue to experiment. In this latest iteration, we offer

  • LIVE SEO coaching to those who apply
  • New learnings and Insights from our research
  • Guest conversations via Skype

Livestreaming SEO coaching

You’re invited to our livestreaming event every second Saturday when we review content for its SEO strength. What’s the content that you want to bring more eyeballs and/or ears to? It is your website, your podcast, your individual episodes, your blog, your course, your book?

Free Podcast SEO Course 2023 Logo

To have your content reviewed, all you have to do is apply and show up! We demonstrate how you can optimize for search with our methods using a range of valuable tools. We invite you to apply because we invest resources in advance by conducting some initial research before we go live. In that way, we can be of real service to our applicants in the moment.

Not only do our applicants receive expert advice specific to their content, they also earn valuable backlinks to their content as we feature them in our show notes, (see below and in our first and second LIVE events).

New learnings

In this SEO Saturdays – May 2 livestream, we share new insights and learning in the SEO space. It’s ever evolving and so are we. Featured in this SEO Saturday – May 2 were two key valuable reference and resources:

  1. Comprehensive post by Brian Dean: We Analyzed 11.8 Million Google Search Results – Here’s What We Learned About SEO
  2. AI tool to help you create content that your audience wants: Topic. Read below for my excitingly successful outcome using this AI.

In our livestream we show you how Topic opened us up to possibilities inspired by Brian Dean’s post. totally had not thought about using a “content brief” and “content grading” approach for podcasts. And there are more possibilities for this than meets the eye.

How a content brief & grading tool increased my traffic 16X

Here is our own “sad”case study: a Polymash “hero” episode / blog post has been on page one of the search results for a long time. Learn what we were able to do to 16X our traffic in one single week:

SEO Saturdays Case Study
My Own “Sad” Podcast SEO Case Study:

Read the specifics in our post, Podcast Website Traffic Increased by 351% in One Week See what a difference a content brief and grading can make.

Guest conversations via Skype

In this segment our guests share a little of their business objectives and why podcasting is a key factor in their growth strategy. Before the show we do our research and then share observations and recommendations which they react to in real time. We then send them our findings after the show so they can take action.

Featured Podcasts

We’re excited to have these podcasters applying to be on our SEO Saturday’s livestream. Each podcaster is unique and while you may think you’re alone with your issues, we find that with all the excellent teaching moments that surface during the livestream, we recognize we are not so alone. Learning together is truly valuable. Remember, if you missed the livestream, all of this is viewable on our You Tube channel.

Not Real Art Podcast

Not Real Art Podcast is intended for creative audiences only. Not Real Art celebrates creative culture worldwide. It contains material that is fresh, fun and inspiring but is not suitable for pretentious art snobs. Hosts – Man One and Sourdough – are long time friends, collaborators and art world insiders based in Los Angeles. Nothing is off-limits on NOT REAL ART. Sourdough and Man One bring a fresh, devil-may-care approach to discussing their mutual love — and hate — for the contemporary art scene, creative culture, and everything in between!

Sorry To Hear That Podcast

The goal of the Sorry To Hear That Podcast is to help create a community around grief. Host, CJ Williams interviews people who talk about the death of a loved one and talk about their processing of that grief. Sorry to hear that was a phrase CJ heard frequently after she lost her mother and it bothered her – so the show also is an educational resource to help those that have not lost a person to think more critically about the other persons' experience and perhaps give some options about what to say and what not to say.

OutDoor Biz Podcast

Each week on The Outdoor Biz Podcast you’ll hear genuine conversations with Outdoor Industry Insiders. Iconic founders and leaders from brands like JanSport, Eagle Creek, Fishpond, Redington; Industry Recruiters, Sales, and Marketing Executives and many more. These industry leaders talk about their careers, tell outdoor inspiring outdoor adventure stories and offer advice and direction on the path you can take to get your job in the industry and grow your Outdoor Career. Hosted by Author, Speaker, Adventurer, and industry insider Rick Saez.

Links And References

Go to our Free SEO Saturdays page for the following:

  • Apply for your own podcast or to learn more. If you’re interested in free SEO analysis of your content, just fill out our application form there.
  • Access our affiliate links on this same page: e.g.content syndication platform, StoryChief. It helps distribute podcast show note articles and builds backlinks from multiple platforms as a result.
  • Learn about the SEO tools we use.

Next Time

Our next SEO SATURDAY is May 16. You can apply now for your show to be featured.

Our special guest will Ryo, co-founder of Topic.

Our conversation is bound to propel your thinking to take action!

Remember, you earn great backlinks when we feature your show on our site. Each week our featured podcasts, as demo’d above are enjoying that benefit – and that’s just one! Join us next time to find out why this is a GREAT SEO tactic that can flip your script!