FREE Podcast SEO Saturdays – April 18 Live Stream Recap [VIDEO]

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FREE Podcast SEO Saturdays - April 18 Live Stream Recap [VIDEO]

Last Updated on February 10, 2022

SEO Saturdays – April 18 was our fortnightly free live streaming event on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. We shift podcasters assumptions around traditional ways of marketing and promoting podcasts.

SEO Saturdays
Join Us for free SEO Done For Your Podcast – Live!

Here's an opportunity for you to receive some free SEO insights for your podcast with real-time SEO research – and to learn from other podcasters who send us their podcast details. We engage in conversation about the issues they would like to address. They range from the strength of their podcast website, podcast name, episode titles or podcast articles. In these livestream sessions we help

  • New podcasters optimize their podcast names & websites based on SEO
  • Existing podcasters by researching great SEO episode titles for their show
  • Answer your Podcast SEO Questions live

Participate live as my partner, Robyn and I demonstrate our entire Content Marketing Workflow. It has elevated our clients’ podcasts and their episode notes drive traffic to their websites and show up high in the Google search results. This strategy alone has is the most effective ways of attracting listeners to the websites and gaining new subscribers. In our free SEO Saturdays LIVE streaming event, we show you how to do this. Just apply to have your show SEO’d in real time live.

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Recap: SEO Saturdays – April 18 Replay Video

We’re excited to share brief highlights of our LIVE SEO Saturday. The interest for our second LIVE was really great in terms of number of applications and then the interaction in the chat space. We had good learnings from our first LIVE – what worked amazingly well and what we know we can improve on – perhaps content for another post in the future.

A Shoutout To The Podcasts We Featured

Thanks to those applicants wanting to be on the show. Each of you is unique and while you may think you’re alone with your issues, we find that with all the excellent teaching moments that surface during the LIVE, we recognize we are not so alone. Learning together is truly valuable. Remember, if you missed the LIVE streaming, all of this is viewable on our You Tube channel.

Marketing Upheaval Podcast

Marketing Upheaval is a weekly podcast where Creative Outhouse founder, Rudy Fernandez, talks to marketing leaders about what’s changing, what’s working and why we shouldn’t panic. Each episode is an enlightening 30 minute conversation with marketing experts from different industries sharing their personal stories.

Women's Meditation Network

The Podcast That Helps You Discover Great Guided Meditations: Tune in for weekly guided meditations created just for women that will inspire, calm and center you. This is your home of guided meditations to use regularly throughout all seasons of your life to gain more awareness, practice mindfulness and become deeply connected with the special, beautiful woman you already are.

Positivity Strategist Podcast

An interview show with thought leaders on social construction, appreciative inquiry and other leading positive change methodologies, helping you grow personally, in community and professionally.  May our conversations with thought leaders at many levels across the world help us all make sense of and give meaning to our respective worlds. Season 5 is about to launch.

Minimum Viable Podcast

Amanda Spann’s MVP is the ‘Minimal Viable Podcast’ that provides the playbook to tech and entrepreneurship from industry all-stars. Subscribe for a weekly installment of intimate interviews from real and relatable minority founders finding the fortitude to build what’s new, now and next. Amanda just recently launched a new website for her podcast at

Topics We Covered

Our road map for our LIVE stream

SEO Saturdays  Mind map
Mind map for SEO Saturday, April 18, 2020

Time stamps for specific points

  • Shout outs 4:44
  • One benefits of being on SEO Saturdays 9:04
  • Overview of Polymash SEO method 11:00
  • Ways of engaging with listeners 14:00
  • Bringing listeners to your website Vs hosting service 17:09
  • What happens when you don’t have a podcast website 20:24
  • Ranking factors for podcasters 25:45
  • What’s in a podcast name? 33:30
  • Conversation with Rudy and Susan of Marketing Upheaval Podcast 43:30
  • Yoast 301 redirect helper to make global changes to episode titles 51:00
  • Permalinks for growing backlinks to your website 1:12:00
  • SEO for episode titles 1:33:00

Next Time

Our next SEO SATURDAY is May 2nd. You can apply now for your show to be featured.

Remember, you earn great backlinks when we feature your show on our site. Each week our featured podcasts, as demo’d above are enjoying that benefit – and that’s just one! Join us next time to find out why this is a GREAT SEO tactic that can flip your script!