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Free Podcast SEO Saturdays - Learn About PPO - Podcast Player Optimization
This week we are excited to have Jalal Fathi, the founder of PodKite, co-hosting the show, in addition to our regular podcast SEO guests.
Many of you will already know about PodKite, one of the best tools out there for unified chart rankings across all of the major platforms. But PodKite recently released a whole new set of optimization tools for podcasters, and Jalal with demo these and help us learn about "In Player Search":
We Will Learn About PPO - Podcast Player Optimization

Podkite's Podcast Player Optimization (PPO) feature helps you better understand and increase your search rankings for how people use in-player search. 

Track your show for specific keywords. Get insights on who your competition is and learn how to get more listeners with better search ranks.

Followers of SEO Saturdays will know we usually focus on web search to improve podcast discovery. So we are super excited to explore "In Player Search" with Jalal's help!

SEO Saturdays - Live Stream Archive

This is where you can find previous session recordings

This week on the SEO Saturdays Livestream we explored Podcast Player Optimization and In-Player Search. While we often focus on Podcast SEO for website traffic, Jalal Fathi, founder of PodKite, joined us to explain as co-host – in addition to our regular guests.

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This week our special guest was Rev. Dr. Bob LeFavi who just launched his new podcast “Inspirational Sermons – Insights From The Best Preachers In America”. It jumped straight into the Top10 for his category, and we talked about his launch strategy, as well as the Podcast SEO principles his new website is based on.

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In this episode of the SEO Saturdays show we focused on the impact of the latest Google Core update and what it means for podcasters. Our central question was this: How Might We Design Podcast Interviews For SEO Success?

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Here is our own “sad” case study – but with a happy ending! We share how we increased our traffic by 351% in one week. Implications for podcasters with their own websites: More subscribers and better website rank.

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Polymash’s SEO Saturdays, livestreaming event to expand and shift podcasters assumptions around traditional ways of marketing and promoting podcasts. Guests join us, those working on elevating their content, and those who have potential solutions to offer. (NB – while our focus is on podcasting – this show is equally useful to any digital content). Before the show we do our research and then share observations and recommendations which guests react to in real time.

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SEO Saturdays is our fortnightly free live streaming event on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. We do live SEO and shift podcasters assumptions around traditional ways of marketing and promoting podcasts.

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SEO Saturdays - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does SEO Saturdays Work?

Podcasters can join the live stream and simply watch us do SEO for other podcasters.

If you'd like your own podcast live SEO'd on the show, please send us your podcast details here. 

We can help with selecting a podcast name that will give you traffic right when you launch because of the SEO value of your website domain.

We can also help research some podcast episode topics that have a good chance of getting into the Google search results.

Lastly, we answer SEO questions and offer opinions and notes on how to make your podcast site better in terms of attracting traffic and subscribers to your show, and email list. 

I don't have a Podcast yet. Can you still help me?

Absolutely! Helping brand new podcasters is what we love to do best. Consider this: Selecting your podcast name and website based on SEO research can have a massive impact on your launch, We have seen podcasters launch and select podcast names that get 1000's of web searches. With the right website domain name, you can virtually guarantee a ton of relevant and hungry traffic for your podcast - and have people discover and subscribe via web-search. This is what we teach new podcasters how to do. 

How Do You Select Podcasts Featured On The Show?

We receive a lot of podcast applications, and try to feature as many as possible on the show. But we also want to honor the people that spend time with us live. So to the extent possible we try to feature the podcasters and bloggers who are live on the show.

However, we also select submissions that serve to illustrate a particularly salient SEO example or point. Our expectation is that this helps the whole community.

Lastly, we don't want to rush through a bunch of podcasts, so we may not get to everyone. But we try!  

Do I need a website for this to work?

Yes. For a number of reasons we explain, your own website can (and should) be a massive source of subscribers for your show.