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Polymash started its life as an App Development agency back in 2010. Since then we have pivoted multiple times, but we most often write about podcasting as content strategy, as well as about digital strategy in general.

Search Result Snippet Visualization Graphic

How To Increase Your Traffic With Search Result Visualization

Tips on to craft a good search result snippet to increase traffic to your site.
SEO image optimization for podcasters

How Image Optimization Can Improve Your Search Engine Visibility

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SEO Image Optimization takes advantage of an often overlooked SEO factor - images in posts contribute heavily to your post's SEO rank.
4 Secrets to Great Episode Titles

Great Podcast Episode Titles – Use these 4 SEO Techniques

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Your podcast episode title is likely something that will get shared on social media, and more importantly will show up in search results and on iTunes as well. Given how much time you are putting into creating a podcast, it is worth spending a little extra effort on creating a good title that makes people want to click through and listen or read more.
Podcast Keyword Strategies explained

6 Proven Keyword Strategies Podcasters And Bloggers Love

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Understanding of SEO keywords strategies and finding good keyphrases often starts with big misconceptions. Here are 6 tips to help you do it the right way.
How To Make Podcast SEO Optimization Work for You

How To Make Podcast SEO Optimization Work for You

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The definitive podcast SEO optimization survival guide. Learn how to rank better in Google, iTunes and Bing. Earn organic traffic to your show and episode pages, and build your podcast email subscribers in the process!
Digital Strategies for Solopreneurs

Digital Strategies: Rebranding, Reinventing as a Solopreneur

As a solopreneur, here are the digital strategies that helped me rebrand, reinvent, and realign my content to be relevant and found in digital marketplaces.
quality content with a purpose

Scary Smart – High Quality Content With A Purpose

The strength of content marketing is only as good as its content.
Design problems in ux and digital strategy

Design problems? 5 powerful ways to reframe them as opportunities!

Let’s face it, your web site design has a certain shelf life, and the time comes when even the most reticent business owners realize their site is due for a make-over. Being a visual design fanatic, graphic designer and photographer I sympathize with clients who think they have a design problem.
Digital Strategy Roadmap

Value Proposition Design Workshops – And How To Build Digital Strategy Roadmaps With Them

Design Thinking Part2: How we build digital strategy roadmaps using Value Proposition Design in a slightly unorthodox way. The goal is to create an actionable digital strategy roadmap and project plans, even for solopreneurs and small business owners. Benefits include better web design and site content, SEO and link building approaches, better engagement for blog and social media posts as well as increased e-Mail list sign up rates. The list goes on...
Value Proposition Design Flying lens

Value Proposition Design – “Just Do Me Up One Of These”

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Design Thinking Part 1: The story behind how we use a "design thinking for business" approach to construct a holistic digital strategies. Particularly the "Value Proposition Design" process provides clarity around the true value proposition of a business, and its fit of products or services with customer needs and wants. It is intended to rapidly iterate through product ideas, generate prototypes and MVPs, and to craft formalized investor pitches that can stand “Shark Tank” like scrutiny. These methodologies, borrowed from Lean Startup thinking, operate at a higher strategic level than UX processes live Customer Journey Mapping or Persona Development.