Value Proposition Design Flying lens

Value Proposition Design - “Just Do Me Up One Of These”

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Design Thinking Part 1: The story behind how we use a "design thinking for business" approach to construct a holistic digital strategies. Particularly the "Value Proposition Design" process provides clarity around the true value proposition of a business, and its fit of products or services with customer needs and wants. It is intended to rapidly iterate through product ideas, generate prototypes and MVPs, and to craft formalized investor pitches that can stand “Shark Tank” like scrutiny. These methodologies, borrowed from Lean Startup thinking, operate at a higher strategic level than UX processes live Customer Journey Mapping or Persona Development.

Appreciative Inquiry and App Development

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I am so delighted and filled with gratitude when my clients, or my prospective clients, spontaneously say to me in a somewhat surprised tone: "You have really helped me think this through.""I hadn't seen it quite like that before.""I'm…

The Power of QR Codes for small businesses

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What is a QR code and how can it help your business? It's simply a unique barcode that takes you to a specific place in cyberspace. Mobile coupons, click to call, directions, it can be a URL, a text message or a phone number.The possibilities…

New SlideShare with HTML5 plays on any device, plus a mobile App

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I am as big fan of SlideShare, but have been visiting less often over the last year since my primary web browsing device has become the iPad. So I'm happy to hear that SlideShare is now introducing an HTML5 compatible upgrade of their site that…

Digital Magazines and Books need to Evolve!

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This was a week for some great ideas to emerge on how tablet platforms and digital readers need to evolve in terms of functionality, features, user experience, social media integration.Now that the iPad has been on the market for some time…

5 Techniques to Choose Better Language for Innovation and Collaboration

If you go into a team innovation meeting, and spend 30 minutes analyzing what is wrong with the current state, does this create the right environment to innovate in? Observe the mood, energy, body language of such meetings...