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At Polymash, we offer comprehensive podcast production services tailored to enhance your podcast's quality and reach. Our team specializes in audio editing, SEO-optimized show notes, and targeted marketing strategies to increase your podcast's visibility and listener base. 

Juergen Berkessel

"Since 2010, we've been on a mission to help podcasters like you find their voice and reach their audience. At Polymash, we're all about friendly, expert guidance and clear-cut strategies for every step of your podcast journey."

Juergen Berkessel

Founder, Polymash

Curious About Podcasting Success?

Discover our top-tier podcast production, strategic launch guidance, and innovative marketing techniques to amplify your podcast's presence and listener base.

Podcast Production Services:

We enhance your podcast with top-notch audio and SEO show notes for better discoverability. We expertly edit, mix, and master audio, and our show notes are crafted to engage listeners and improve search rankings.

Podcast Launch Strategies:

Discover how we can help you make a strong debut in the podcasting world. Our launch strategies are tailored to set your podcast up for success, ensuring visibility and listener engagement from the get-go. 

Podcast Marketing Solutions:

Learn about our marketing solutions that combine SEO expertise and innovative promotional techniques to increase your podcast's discoverability and grow your audience. 

Why work with us

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Podcast Audio Production

Crystal-Clear Audio for Your Podcast: Professional audio production is critical for listener retention. We provide full-service audio editing, mixing, and mastering to ensure your podcast sounds its best. From noise reduction to audio enhancements, our experienced engineers focus on delivering broadcast-quality sound for your podcast.

SEO-Optimized Show Notes

Drive Traffic with SEO-Infused Show Notes: Maximize your podcast's discoverability with SEO-optimized show notes. We blend engaging summaries with strategic keyword placement, boosting your podcast's visibility on search engines and enhancing listener engagement with actionable content.

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Strategic Podcast Launches

Launch Your Podcast with a Bang: Launching a podcast successfully requires strategy. We guide you through branding, content planning, and distribution to ensure your podcast makes a lasting impression. Benefit from our launch expertise to hit the ground running and capture your audience from the start.

Content Strategy Through Podcasting

Engage Your Audience with Strategic Content: Utilize podcasting as a centerpiece of your content strategy to build authority and connect with your audience. We help you develop a content plan that resonates with your brand's message, turning listeners into loyal followers and customers.

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Video Production & YouTube Optimization

Expand Your Reach with Video Podcasting: In today's multimedia landscape, video podcasting and YouTube optimization are essential. We offer end-to-end video production services and channel optimization to enhance your podcast's presence on YouTube, the second-largest search engine globally.

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About Juergen Berkessel

Juergen Berkessel, founder of Polymash, is an industry pioneer in podcast production and digital strategy. Since 2010, he has guided the launch and growth of numerous top-ranking podcasts, applying his extensive background in software and marketing to the podcasting realm. Juergen's expertise in SEO and content strategy has been instrumental in building the success stories of diverse clients.

Known for his clarity and actionable insights, Juergen empowers podcasters to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. His friendly, results-focused approach makes the art of podcasting accessible to all, from seasoned creators to those just beginning their podcast journey.

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Real Feedback from Satisfied Podcasters

The Real Deal

“Polymash is the real deal!  I originally started working with Juergen to simply assist me with podcast production.  What I received from him in service, dependability, turn around time, guidance, and coaching far exceeded my expectations.  Without his help, I would not have successfully launched my podcast and re-branded my website.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Larry Hagner

Author, Speaker, and Founder of The Good Dad Project

I can't imagine that value they provide when you hire them!

I've had a podcast for 3 years and even have a podcasting for writers course that I've created. I really only reached out to PolyMash because a friend raved about her experience with them. I left the call (which was free, btw!!) more energized than I'd been in weeks and on fire with new ideas for enhancing not just my podcast but also my business. I actually begged to pay for the call (and they wouldn't let me). I can't imagine that value they provide when you hire them!

Anna David

I left with an action plan that was easy to follow and implement

I had a great experience attending one of Juergen's Podcast workshops. He provided a tremendous amount of info on how best to promote my podcast and what areas to focus on to improve my podcast audience and exposure. I left with an action plan that was easy to follow and implement

Marc Bautis

Financial Advisor & Founder at Bautis Financial

They are truly experts in their field

We've learned so much valuable information from the team at Polymash. After meeting Juergen at Podfest, and attending his sessions, we've dramatically increased our SEO on our Creative Outhouse website. We're learning how to optimize our site even more from the tactics and tools that Juergen has suggested on his live show. They are truly experts in their field.

Susan Cooper

Do. Not. Miss. This!

Juergen radiates integrity, and is full of invaluable insight, expertise and inspiration. He is the real deal, and I am beyond grateful I found his work. I just launched my podcast with his help. I just hit New and Noteworthy, and I plan to continue following his guidance and relying on his skill. It is rare to find a teacher and guide of his caliber. Do yourself a favor--Do. Not. Miss.This!

Ken Page

Host, Deeper Dating Podcast

Dive into the Polymash Experience

I found this podcast late in my launch phase. I've been listening to a bunch of other ones, following a bunch of other tools and solutions, and generally chasing my tail for a couple of months now. Thing is, Polymash and Jeurgen have somehow figured out how to best them all. The website and email newsletter are chock full of value first. They have (obviously) made that a priority. And the podcast is a wonderful example of the podcaster I want to be. If you're thinking about starting or growing a podcast, dive into the Polymash experience. You won't be disappointed.

Marshall Lichty

Host, "Lawyers with ADHD" Podcast


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