Rode’s Magnificent Trilogy: Rodecaster Podcast Mixer Comparison

Rode Podcast Mixer Comparison

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

In today's digital landscape, the rise of podcasting has been monumental. As streamers, podcasters, and creators strive to up their game, it all boils down to one primary ingredient: sound quality. And that's where the quest for that perfect 'Podcast Mixer' begins. Stepping into the booming podcasting arena, Rode, a leading microphone brand, has added to their array of podcast mixers. The three reigning champs that have taken the podcast community by storm are the Rodecaster Pro II, the Rodecaster Pro Classic, and the Rodecaster Duo Streaming Mixer.

In our recent Podcasting Resource Guide podcast episode, we compared these three marvelous sound consoles. Let's take a detour to unravel their uniqueness, strengths, and how each one could be your potential mixer!

Audio Extravaganza with the Rodecaster Pro II:

Rode podcast mixer: Rodecaster Pro II

The Ultimate Podcast Mixer Console:

Step into the world of limitless possibilities with the Rodecaster Pro II, the ultimate podcast console that ticks more than just the basics. Be it exceptional sound quality, compact design, or a user-friendly experience, this bad boy rounds up the best features, redefining the audio production landscape with its star prowess.

Enhanced Audio Performance:

If superior audio is your holy grail, you're in for a treat with Rodecaster Pro II. This device breaks the barriers with its top-of-the-line preamps, providing unmatched sound quality even if you were to connect power-intensive microphones, like the popular Shure's SM7B. Now, who wouldn't leap for joy hearing that?

The Customization Maestro:

This console wouldn't shy away from being termed as the 'Jack of all trades.' From combo XLR/TRS jacks to dual USB-C interfaces celebrating the convenience of seamless connectivity with modern devices, Rodecaster Pro II revels in offering a podcast playground like no other.

Smaller Yet Powerful:

Gone are the days of bulky consoles as with the Rodecaster Pro II, you get a compact package without compromising on the capabilities. With six physical faders and three "virtual faders," the nine-channel audio control remains intact despite a reduction in size, making it your sleek and portable podcast companion.

Timeless Classic: Rodecaster Pro Classic

Rodecaster Pro Classic

The Sturdy and Reliable:

Rodecaster Pro Classic stands as a testament to the phrase, "Old is Gold." While it might lack some newer features, its robust performance, versatility, and familiar charm have rendered it as a timeless classic in the podcasting community.

Reliable Audio Quality:

Although the preamps on the Classic aren't as powered as in the new version, rest assured, they aptly serve most microphones out in the market. This device extends eight programmable sound effects pads allowing you to add an array of sound effects, music segments, and more, making your podcast as lively as it gets!

In a Nutshell:

Yes, the Classic might not compete in providing the advanced features of its younger sibling. Yet, it assures a high-quality podcasting experience with its reliable functionality and the convincing charm of something familiar.

Rodecaster Duo Streaming Mixer – Compact and Versatile:

Rodecaster Duo Podcast Mixer

The Perfect Travelling Companion:

Designed thoughtfully for the on-the-move content creators and podcasters, the Rodecaster Duo Streaming Mixer breaks the mold with its compactness. Be it recording interviews, live-streaming, or producing music, this device caters to all your creative needs while fitting snugly into your bag.

Unmatched Features:

The small mixer promises to deliver a solid punch with multiple microphone inputs, top-notch sound quality, and an intuitive built-in touchscreen. With its dedicated pads and programmable buttons, adding music or sound effects to your podcast is as effortless as it can get!

Modern Connectivity:

The Rodecaster Duo streaming mixer redefines convenience with its unique ability to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. Be it taking calls, playing music, or incorporating audio from your mobile device; it enables seamless blending into your podcast. Plus, if Bluetooth audio with a high-definition streaming is what you're after, this device will not disappoint.

Last Words:

Each Rodecaster podcast mixer brings something different to the table. If you're set for an advanced all-in-one console, the Rodecaster Pro II is your call. However, if the Pro II seems heavy on your pockets, discovering a used Rodecaster Pro Classic might just be your answer. In case you fancy compactness and a lower price bracket, Rodecaster Duo might end your hunt. As they say, different strokes for different folks!


What unique features does the Rodecaster Pro II offer?

The Rodecaster Pro II stands out with its superior sound quality, high-powered preamps, customizable options such as combo XLR/TRS jacks, dual USB-C interfaces, and a compact design with nine-channel audio control, inclusive of six physical and three virtual faders.

What are the defining features of the Rodecaster Pro Classic?

The Rodecaster Pro Classic distinguishes itself with its sturdy performance, rich sound quality, ease of use, and eight programmable sound effects pads, ensuring a robust podcasting experience.

What makes the Rodecaster Duo Streaming Mixer ideal for on-the-move podcasters?

The Duo stands out with its compact size, excellent portability, high-definition Bluetooth audio streaming, multiple microphone inputs, intuitive touch screen, and the ability to connect a smartphone via Bluetooth.

How many virtual faders does the Rodecaster Pro II have?

The Rodecaster Pro II is equipped with three virtual faders. These are additional to the six physical faders, which makes a total of nine audio channels you can control.

Remember, it's not about the best mixer in the market; it's about finding the perfect podcast mixer for you!