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If you are not happy with how many subscribers you have, you're not alone. This Podcast & Video Series is here to help.

  • Sustainable Growth For Your Podcast
  • Strategies to Market and Promote Your Show
  • DIY Podcast Marketing Resources
  • A Community to Share Best Practices

We have launched over a dozen podcast, and have helped solopreneurs, authors, speakers and even large corporates turn their podcasting into an effective content strategy for their business.

Juergen Berkessel

Juergen Berkessel, CEO and Founder of Polymash

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The Podcast Growth Show Season 1 - Episodes

Season 1 is all about promoting and marketing your podcast. We explore the basics, but also "next level thinking" on podcast promotion strategies and tactics that work. As we are getting ready to launch Season 2, the best way to experience season 1 is to sign up by email, and I'll send you a new episode full of tips, methods and tools each week.

Podcast Marketing Checklist
In wrapping up Season 1 of the Podcast Growth Show, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the topics we have covered this season. So what I'd like to do in this episode is to do that in the form of a podcast marketing checklist.
Podcast Workflow & Content Strategy Secrets
Podcast workflow is not just about recording and producing episodes. It is the result of an overall podcasting content strategy.
How To: Easy Podcast Distribution And Content Syndication
When podcasters market their show, podcast directories are an incomplete solution and not enough for multi-channel podcast syndication and distribution. Discover a platform to help automate your content distribution to gain quick traffic and SEO rank wins.
5 Reasons NOT to Promote a Podcast on Facebook
It's not that Facebook is a poor platform to promote a podcast on. It's that that the method most experts recommend is flawed.
Podcast Marketing With Social Contests
Podcast launch marketing with contests is still a great promotion idea. Here is how newly launched podcasts can attract fans and subscribers.
Podcast Homepage Design Patterns For Conversion And List Building
This episode and complete walk through video explores why podcast website design should focus on email list building instead of on iTunes subscribers. It offers a design pattern optimized for increasing your podcast subscriber email list.
How To Get Your Podcast Guest To Promote Your Podcast
Getting your podcast guest to help with promoting your podcast episode is more tricky than you might think. Here is how to make it easy for you both.
Paid Podcast Advertising – A Look Behind The Scenes
How effective are paid podcast advertising strategies, and do they work for podcasters trying to promote their show? Which ad platforms are the most effective? And which are the most affordable? We take a look behind the scenes of 3 platforms, Google AdWords, Facebook and Podcast Ad Networks.
Podcast Guesting – A Cure For Stalled Subscriber Growth
This episode reveals why “Podcast Guesting” is one of the best possible marketing strategies for podcasters. And in our tutorial video we show step by step how to automate a highly personalized "podcast guesting" outreach campaign.
Podcast Directories – The Best Ones To Boost Your Podcast
Ensuring that your podcast is easy to discover on all existing podcast directories is the most important initial marketing step to take for your new podcast. Veteran podcasters should review new arrivals on the podcast directories scene about once a year.
Welcome Episode: About This Podcast Video Series
If you're thinking about launching a show, but you're intimidated by the idea of marketing it, this podcast video series is for you. And if you already have a podcast, but not happy with how many subscribers you have, you're not alone. And this podcast is here to help, and to provide you with ideas, resources and solutions.

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Podcast Growth Show Testimonial Ken Page
Podcast Testimonial
Podcast Growth Show Testimonial
Podcast Growth Show Testimonial
Robyn Stratton Speaker, Author & Founder, Positivity Strategist Podcast

Getting on page one of Google Search Results

“Polymash helped me get on page one of Google for my main business keyword, even though it is competitive! Now 65% of my site traffic comes from organic search.”

Stuart Dukeman CEO Capital Partners, Wealth Junkies Podcast

Polymash was definitely the right choice for us.

Making the decision to go with Polymash for podcast design and consulting was literally the best decision we could have made. Juergen's level of expertise was exactly what we needed and were looking for to get our podcast up and running. Not only did he deliver on everything he promised, but we easily received 10x the value with the information that he taught us along the way. For anyone that is looking to launch or improve their podcast and its' reach, I highly recommend that you consider the products and services that Polymash offers. You won't be disappointed! Want proof? Our podcast, Wealth Junkies, broke the Top 50 in its' category, within the first weekend of being launched! When you want something done right, find the right help.

Juliette Roy

Highly recommend for anyone starting with podcast and SEO!

Great live show to learn about SEO for beginners like me. Super informative and tons of resources and how-tos recommendations. Highly recommend for anyone starting with podcast and SEO!

Larry Hagner Author, Speaker, and Founder of The Good Dad Project

The Real Deal

“Polymash is the real deal! I originally started working with Juergen to simply assist me with podcast production. What I received from him in service, dependability, turn around time, guidance, and coaching far exceeded my expectations. Without his help, I would not have successfully launched my podcast and re-branded my website. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Vaughn Kohler Co-Host The MFCEO Project Podcast

Helped Us Be #1

Polymash SEO and launch techniques helped us be #1, and we've added over 16,000 listener emails to our list!

Katie Krimitsos Women's Meditation Network Podcast

There are no words to describe how grateful I am for Juergen and his team at Polymash!

They are the rare combination of SEO + design + branding + business savvy that makes them the perfect team to execute your content and business goals. Juergen worked efficiently, strategically and intuitively and the results of his work has been game changing for my business!

Jeanne Bliss World renowned CX Author, Speaker, Founder at CustomerBliss

Ranked as #1 on Google Search

"My goal was to rank as #1 on Google for the keyword ‘Customer Experience Podcast’. Polymash helped me get there within a few months!"

Susan Cooper

They are truly experts in their field

We've learned so much valuable information from the team at Polymash. After meeting Juergen at Podfest, and attending his sessions, we've dramatically increased our SEO on our Creative Outhouse website. We're learning how to optimize our site even more from the tactics and tools that Juergen has suggested on his live show. They are truly experts in their field.

Ken Page Host, Deeper Dating Podcast

Do. Not. Miss. This!

Juergen radiates integrity, and is full of invaluable insight, expertise and inspiration. He is the real deal, and I am beyond grateful I found his work. I just launched my podcast with his help. I just hit New and Noteworthy, and I plan to continue following his guidance and relying on his skill. It is rare to find a teacher and guide of his caliber. Do yourself a favor--Do. Not. Miss.This!

Anthony Vicino Invictus Capital

Juergen brought massive value

Juergen gave me powerful new ways of thinking about how audiences search and find podcasts. Also, he had killer insights about the funnel process. Highly recommend scheduling a consult with Juergen. You won't be disappointed.

Dr. Bryan Joseph Host, the Wellness Connection Show

A simple strategy to ensure success

The process of launching and growing a podcast became so smooth for us. I was intimidated by what we may have to do to get this off the ground and you outlined a simple strategy for us to follow to ensure success. Thank you for sharing all your wisdom and experience with us to make our launch successful.

Lee Silverstein

An expert at all things SEO

If you're unhappy with where your site ranks on Google there's no better person to speak with than Juergen at Polymash. He is an expert at all things SEO and will work with you to get you the results you're seeking. Juergen also has extensive expertise in podcasting can help podcasters, from beginners to the more advanced, achieve success.

Anna David

I can't imagine that value they provide when you hire them!

I've had a podcast for 3 years and even have a podcasting for writers course that I've created. I really only reached out to PolyMash because a friend raved about her experience with them. I left the call (which was free, btw!!) more energized than I'd been in weeks and on fire with new ideas for enhancing not just my podcast but also my business. I actually begged to pay for the call (and they wouldn't let me). I can't imagine that value they provide when you hire them!

Dave Sherwin Host, the Diroby Health Show

This is high level info, loving it!

I contacted Juergen through the website and took him up on his offer of a free podcast training session through Zoom. He was very generous with his time, and gave me tons of great tips and ideas on how to improve my show. I am now going through each episode and taking notes on ways I can improve my podcast. This is high level info, loving it

Jack Ayres

lots of food for thought!

Juergen was very helpful and generous with his advice, lots of food for thought!

Katrina Carlson

I recommend his services

Juergen is a pro and an expert in every way. He was very patient with teaching my team and I how to launch our podcast. He gave us many useful tools and demystified the process for us. I recommend his services.

Marc Bautis Financial Advisor & Founder at Bautis Financial

I left with an action plan that was easy to follow and implement

I had a great experience attending one of Juergen's Podcast workshops. He provided a tremendous amount of info on how best to promote my podcast and what areas to focus on to improve my podcast audience and exposure. I left with an action plan that was easy to follow and implement

Marshall Lichty Host, "Lawyers with ADHD" Podcast

Dive into the Polymash Experience

I found this podcast late in my launch phase. I've been listening to a bunch of other ones, following a bunch of other tools and solutions, and generally chasing my tail for a couple of months now. Thing is, Polymash and Jeurgen have somehow figured out how to best them all. The website and email newsletter are chock full of value first. They have (obviously) made that a priority. And the podcast is a wonderful example of the podcaster I want to be. If you're thinking about starting or growing a podcast, dive into the Polymash experience. You won't be disappointed.

Heal Nourish Grow

I can't thank Polymash and Juergen enough

I spoke with Juergen today and what a gem he is! I'm launching a new podcast and submitted my name for SEO Saturdays. First of all, they ended up canceling one so he offered to meet with me at another time which was very generous. Second, not only did he give me some insight into my new podcast launch strategy, he also gave me some ideas about my existing site SEO. I am fairly experienced with SEO and have even taught a beginner's class in the past. What Juergen offered was more advanced strategy as well as being 1001% up to date on what's working in 2021. I can't thank Polymash and Juergen enough.

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Juergen Berkessel

Juergen Berkessel

Co-Founder of Polymash

About the Host & Creator of the Podcast Growth System

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2010, when I left my corporate job.

After years of having created and managed enterprise software systems, I started a Marketing Agency that published iOS and Android apps - before discovering my passion: Helping businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups grow their online presence through podcasting as content strategy.

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