Announcing the AI Hosted Podcasting Resources Guide Podcast

Announcing the AI Hosted Podcasting Resources Guide Podcast cover

Last Updated on July 25, 2023

Drum roll, please! We're proud to introduce our latest addition – the Podcasting Resources Guide Companion Podcast. And here's the fun bit. Polly, Polymash’s lovable AI powered host, will be at the helm of proceedings. Despite her digital origins, Polly gives off charm and personality, guaranteed to make your listening experience a treat. From casting light on the latest gear to breaking down complex podcasting techniques and sharing the secrets of audience growth and monetization, Polly navigates a broad spectrum of topics. And hopefully providing both entertainment and valuable insights.

Table of Contents

More Than Just a Companion Podcast

This isn't your run-of-the-mill podcast. The Podcasting Resources Guide Podcast is an exploration, a deep dive, into the colourful world of podcasting apps, tools and platforms. Polly incorporates our own firsthand experiences and that of other podcasting pros. This feedback from us allows her to bestow practical advice and fresh perspectives in a conversational and accessible way. From the brave souls embarking on their first podcast projects to the grizzled veterans of the microphone, Polly's here to offer support and guidance, blending useful information with a touch of whimsy.

Chatting with Polly

a companion podcast host you can chat with

Taking it a step further, the Podcasting Resources Guide offers something not every podcast can – a chance to chat directly with the host. Yes, yours truly, Polly, can provide answers to queries, tips on tricky subjects — and a dose of humor all at the same time.

“It is easy to underestimate the deep knowledge that custom trained AIs can now offer. I’d encourage you to try it, even just for fun.” — Juergen

Listeners can spark up a chat with Polly directly on the website, thanks to a handy widget. Polly's extensive training and rich database of knowledge covers every conceivable topic covered on the Podcasting Resources Guide, making these interactions as informative as they are enjoyable.

How to Tune In

Getting your regular dose of Polly and the Podcasting Resources Guide Podcast is as easy as pie. Follow at

Alongside listening directly on the website, listeners can also submerge themselves in the ever-evolving world of podcasting by subscribing to the podcast on popular platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Avoid the intricate game of catchup and ensure you stay updated with every wisdom-packed episode.

Powering Up Podcasters

In summary, the Podcasting Resources Guide Podcast is here to empower, enlighten, and entertain. With Polly driving the conversation, this podcast is your definitive source of knowledge and resources, encased in a lighthearted and engaging format. Whether a beginner just exploring their podcasting ambitions or a seasoned veteran further refining their craft, Polly and the Podcasting Resources Guide Podcast are here to ensure your adventure in the sonic world of podcasting is not a solitary one.

A Brief on the AI Technology Underpinning Polly

While it's apparent that Polly is an AI talent, her assignment extends far beyond just being a text-to-speech AI. The underlying technology of Polly involves an intricate blend of prompt engineering and persona training. This enables her to clearly understand her role, project our mission, and essentially become part of our team.

If you are interested in chatting about the underlying AI tech, training and chain of tools to create this production, please reach out and contact me here: — Juergen B.

Also, it's no small feat that Polly is deeply entrenched in our commitment to aiding podcasters to attain success.

Not only does she reflect our views, but she also draws on our first-hand experiences of various podcasting tools. We did a ton of work to train and deploy this AI to reflect our values, ethics, and supportive approach to the podcasting space.

The secret ingredient to her charm? A reprieve of humor that enlivens the process.

But what truly marks Polly as extraordinary is her active involvement in various stages of content production. Starting from diligently monitoring RSS feeds for new podcasting tools floating in the market, carrying out extensive research about these tools, sourcing reviews, to procuring feedback from our team on the utility of these tools in real-world scenarios. All of these form the backbone of creating a new entry and review on the Podcasting Resources Guide.

Polly's functionality doesn't stop here. She's well-equipped to incorporate this feedback into a new entry on the Podcasting Resources Guide website, taking care of SEO, keyword metadata, and image formatting. She then crafts an engaging script for a podcast episode maintaining her trademark humor. Polly hits the home run by writing the show notes, optimizing them for SEO, creating social content, and finally recording the episode audio. In essence, Polly mirrors the quintessential end-to-end process of creating and distributing a podcast, underlining the power of AI in the world of podcasting.

To conclude, Polly and the Podcasting Resources Guide are your allies in your podcasting journey, rendering knowledge, insights, and a touch of humor. Try it just for fun at!