How Google Judges Content Quality and What You Should Do About It

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Content quality is in the eye of the beholder. This could be your reader, but also Google's algorithm. So how does Google measure content quality? And how can you ensure your content is considered "high quality"?

Inbound Design vs. Inbound Marketing: How To Make Your Customers Love You

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In the world of marketing, things have changed drastically from traditional methods. While back in the old days you had to rely on "interruption marketing" to find and approach your prospects with outbound ads and sales calls, with everyone…
facilitating mastermind online

Group coach or facilitating a mastermind online? Some trigger questions...

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Last updated April 24, 2017 Are you a group coach or facilitator? In recent years the tools around facilitating and teaching masterminds online have really taken a leap forward. Video streaming, Blab, Periscope, Hangouts and other platforms…
digital transformation opportunity

Forget Design! Working Up The Courage For Digital Transformation

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We live in an age or accelerating change, disruption and re-invention. Web sites are not immune, and the typical life-span of a site is now 2-3 years. The opportunity is to use the catalyst of re-designing a site to look more deeply at the health of your online business strategies, and to upgrade your content, product and list building strategies at the same time.