The Good Dad Project

We designed a holistic digital strategy and marketing launch approach for The Good Dad Project.

The Good Dad Project Podcast Header, designed for the podcast launch

The Good Dad Project
Podcast Launch Strategy And Production

The Good Dad Project is an award winning podcast program, and a series parenting and personal development resources that help fathers (and mothers) build their own road to a great, happy and successful relationships with their children and spouses or significant others.

Podcast Production and Podcast Launch Strategy for the Good Dad Project

The Good Dad Project Podcast maintained it's #1 spot on iTunes for months!

The Good Dad Project Website Details

Project Overview

Podcast Launch and Podcast Production for the Good Dad Project

Our client contacted us for our comprehensive launch and digital marketing strategy package, including product conceptualization, web design, landing page and lead magnet development, and podcast launch.

This project includes a fresh mobile responsive web site, the design of which is based on our value proposition design process and digital strategy roadmap. It also includes a content strategy based on a unique podcast we are producing, including SEO optimized show notes that drive site traffic and inbound high quality links from interview guests.

Polymash Role

  • Creation of a holistic digital strategy for the client’s business
  • Development of an inbound content marketing strategy based on podcast interviews with thought leaders
  • UX Design, Persona Development & Information Architecture
  • Branding, Graphic and Visual Design
  • Web Development, SEO and Site Performance Optimization
  • WordPress Theme Customization
  • Development of multiple lead magnets and landing pages for e-Mail list growth


  • Multiple Customer Segments
  • Differential marketing approaches and needs for each segment
  • Balancing Special Offer pop-ups with friction-less and tasteful UX
  • Re-purposing existing assets

Project Goals

The goal was to create a holistic approach to develop a brand that appeals to fathers, while also engaging mothers and life partners.


Since the first few weeks of the web redesign launch:

  • Landing pages have received substantial traffic
  • Lead magnets have converted dozens of visitors to leads for downloads of eBooks
  • Email list has grown considerably
  • Podcast ranked #1 on Apple Podcasts


The Real Deal

“Polymash is the real deal! I originally started working with Juergen to simply assist me with podcast production. What I received from him in service, dependability, turn around time, guidance, and coaching far exceeded my expectations. Without his help, I would not have successfully launched my podcast and re-branded my website. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

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