Last updated on January 23rd, 2018

T ablets that serve multiple purposes are going to see tremendous growth according to UK analyst firm Informa Telecoms and Media, as consumers choose them over dedicated e-readers such as Amazon’s Kindle. Tablet sales are projected to hit 50 million by 2014, a whopping increase of over 1200 percent over the 3.65 million to be sold this year

via Salon and GigaOm


It stands to reason that just about every content publisher small or large needs to get ready to take advantage of this revolution about to unfold: The opportunity to differentiate oneslef from the competition has never been more clear: Re-purposing, optimization and redesign of existing content for an mobile enabled, interactive, gesture based and immersive experience is wat will elevate existing websites, e-books and legacy formats such as CDs, DVDs, PDFs to their next level. Personally I predict this will become as ubiquitous and urgent a business activity as building a web presence was in the early 90’s.