Last updated on March 28th, 2018

Wild Dolphins tells the story of Winter the dolphin, and how Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute has been rescuing marine mammals for over a decade.

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[three_fourth]Bring the Wild Dolphin encounter to your iPad and experience the magic of these magnificent animals in the comfort of your home. And learn how you can help them stay safe and healthy to ensure they are with us for generations to come.


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Wild Dolphin features

  • Original video of Winter’s rescue and other dolphin rescues, as well as over 20 other videos of marine mammal life, history and research
  • Interviews and video of the amazing team who invented, designed and fitted Winter’s prosthetic tail fluke
  • An interactive blueprint of one of Winter’s prosthetic tail fluke designs, as well as images of many tail prototypes
  • Interviews and videos of professionals who research, track, rescue, save and medically treat dolphins
  • Marine mammal acoustics and sound files of dolphins whistles, clicks, buzzes and chirps, and an extraordinary conversation between a mother and her calf
  • Dolphin 101: basic facts about dolphins, and interactive graphics of their anatomy
  • Interactive maps, facts and figures about dolphins around the world
  • Top Ten threats dolphins face world wide, and what we can all do to help them thrive
  • Interactive 40 year time line and historical videos of the accomplishments of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, as it lives its mission, “Ocean Science for a better world”. One example is the under-water recovery of the space shuttle Challenger’s wreckage and its missing O ring.