test post for thrive shortcodes

Last Updated on February 10, 2022 This is a test post to troubleshoot the issue with integrating SharpSpring forms served by Thrive Leads shortcode snippets.

Introduction to SharpSpring and Thrive

  • SharpSpring is our marketing automation platform. It allows us to place lead-capture forms on various pages and posts on our websites. It does so by embedding javascript snippets into wordpress HTML elements. The forms are then rendered using doc.write
  • Thrive is the front end technology to render a variety of pop-ups, short code driven page sections and landing pages, and the above SharpSpring forms are then embedded into the appropriate Thrive containers for HTML code.
  • Enfold is the theme I use for a lot of clients sites.
  • Working examples of sites where this is functioning as intended


Describing the issue

While the above described scheme of displaying forms within Thrive popups and shortcode generated page segments works for all my clients sites, it does not work on my own site.

This is not working on my own site in spite of the following facts:

  • My site uses Enfold theme, just like the working examples
  • My site uses the latest version of WordPress and all plugins, just like the working examples
  • My site uses the same hosting provider (Hostgator – plain CPANEL)
  • My site uses the same version of PHP (5.6x, the most recent stable version of PHP)
  • My site is on the same domain (polymash.com vs. inbound.polymash.com)
  • I have tried disabling all plugins (Except Thrive, as this is needed to render the shortcodes in question)
  • I have tried deleting all plugins (Except Thrive, as this is needed to render the shortcodes in question)
  • I have tried this with the WordPress 2017 theme, thus disabling my theme and  any custom css or functions.php
  • I have tried deleting all remnant caching information (PS my cache is NOT DNS setting dependent like Cloudflare)
  • I have compared the .htaccess files, wp_config files
  • When looking at the developer tools, this is the error message I am getting on my site, as opposed to the other sites:

Conclusions from this (Vol I)

  • it is not the Enfold theme (as it works on may other Enfold instances)
  • it is not the Thrive plugin (as it works on may other instances)
  • it is not SharpSpring(as the Thrive / SharpSpring combination works on may other instances)
  • it is not cache related (also see below, as there is a way to get this to work as intended by resetting the entire DB)
  • it is not .htaccess related

I did get it to work on staging.polymash.com when I followed these steps

  • I used a WordPress database reset tool (WP Advanced Database Reset) to clean my database and reset it to defaults.
  • Then I installed the Thrive plugin, as well as the Enfold theme.
  • Then I restored individual posts, pages, portfolio items etc.
  • I restored my theme and theme settings
  • Then I restored my database from a backup, and THEN IT NO LONGER WORKED.

Conclusions from this (Vol II)

  • The issue is somehow database related
  • I need help isolating what database setting is doing this, and how to get my main site polymash.com to behave like the rest of the sites where this works.
  • If this is solved, I also need help with a more advanced database cleanup of all the remnant options that are stuffing up my site and making it extremely slow. I observe a hesitation when these pages are loading.


  • I have 2 HAR files from GTmetrix speed test that show the load sequence of every resource and script. One of them illustrates the javascript running and the form rendering. The other illustrates the form NOT rendering.

Below is the actual live shortcode:

NOW CLICK HERE to see what it should look and behave like/