TEDx Navesink
Video Editing

Polymash has been supporting TEDxNavesink since its inception, with a range of services and apps.

We were pleased to edit and and co-produce multi camera event videos for the event “The Next Wave”.

TEDx Navesink
Video Editing

TEDx Navesink Video Editing Details

Project Overview

The TEDx organizing team engaged us to co-produce their event videos.

This project was about representing the speakers well, editing out flubs, as well as incorporating speaker slides.


  • Rough Cut Storyboarding
  • Video Production
  • Audio Production

Polymash Role

  • Processing of raw multi camera event footage
  • In some cases re-creating speaker slides to match event branding and high quality standards
  • Incorporation of TED branded and approved bumper footage
  • Adhering to broadcast audio loudness processing standards & noise reduction
  • Transcription of videos for post event language processing
  • YouTube video uploading and labeling according to TED formats and tag standards


  • Few multi camera video angles available to assist in making cuts and edits to remove speaker flubs, ems and pauses
  • Incorporating a series of often non-standard slide presentations

Project Goals

The goal was to create high quality videos that would put the event speakers in the best possible light, and to give both speakers and the event managers high quality, fast paced and entertaining footage for marketing and promotion of future events.


  • The TEDx event videos were well received, some have been featured on the main TED site, and have been viewed over 175,000 times

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