In addition to the story of Winter the dolphin, our app features many more rescues, facts and information on protecting marine mammals

As you read about marine mammals, learn about what you can do to help

Dolphins face many dangers

Meet Kevin Carrol and Dan Strzermpka, the designers of Winter's prosthetic tail

Our app features great interviews with Kevin Carroll and Dan Strzempka, as well as several interactive elements to explore tail proototypes and blueprints.

Meet Harbor Branch's Dolphin Doctor, Juli Goldsten. Learn how dolphins are teaching her a thing or two. She has been instrumental in Winters care and rehabilitation and dedicates her life to caring for sick and injured dolphins in the wild.

Do dolphins talk? Of course they do! Listen to an exchange between a dolphin and her calf. There is no doubt dolphins have distinctive "voices". Maybe some day we will understand their language.

How high can a dolphin jump? Wow - this one makes it look like dolphins can fly! Enjoy this and other great images of dolphins thriving in their natural habitat.


Mission Accomplished. A split second after the belt has been removed, the team rejoices. This is the culmination of several days of searching, following, and waiting for the exact right moment and conditions that would allow the team to capture the animal unharmed. After a vet check, the animal is released to be wild again.