Speaking of Blueprints: How would you like to create your own drawings of a “Crankamacallit”? (Psst, a hint: could it be the special red pen?)

The outboard engines are supplied with a special flux glow fuel that is generated by something called “The Animator”.

Uh-Oh, I hope that part NEVER breaks down !!

Well, if we do ever need to service the Crankamacallit, perhaps a good place to start would be checking out the service panels on the side of the engine?

Well, I’m skipping some VERY important steps we will have to do in the app to get the Crankamacallit to fly, but at the risk of skipping to the end of the story, taking off and flying is after all what the Crankamacalit was made for.

Do you think YOU can pilot it? Of course you can!