Dolphins face many dangers

Meet Kevin Carrol and Dan Strzermpka, the designers of Winter's prosthetic tail

Meet Harbor Branch's Dolphin Doctor, Juli Goldsten. Learn how dolphins are teaching her a thing or two. She has been instrumental in Winters care and rehabilitation and dedicates her life to caring for sick and injured dolphins in the wild.

Do dolphins talk? Of course they do! Listen to an exchange between a dolphin and her calf. There is no doubt dolphins have distinctive "voices". Maybe some day we will understand their language.

Mission Accomplished. A split second after the belt has been removed, the team rejoices. This is the culmination of several days of searching, following, and waiting for the exact right moment and conditions that would allow the team to capture the animal unharmed. After a vet check, the animal is released to be wild again.

To get a taste of the Crankamacallit, and to hear Mimi’s great Crankamacallit song, check out this video

  • Music by Mimi Cross and Kevin Salem
  • Visit the Crankamacallit Home Page or check it out on the iPad App Store

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    We’ve just posted video of your FilmOneFest app, and the momentum is growing ahead of the actual event in July. The app is turning out great, but what makes a real difference is of course the content, so a big thanks to the film makers.

    If you’d like to read about the interview process, Robyn has posted on how she used the Appreciative Inquiry process to interview film makers in the making of this app, check out her post at

    Our vision for the app was to have more than just a list of one-minute films that you could see on You Tube or Vimeo. We wanted the world to learn more about the artists and their visions for their art. We wanted to give greater context and meaning to the content in the app that the users could connect to.

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    Obviously, any good Crankamacallit would need to use pretty advanced technology. Where do you suppose some of the Crankamacallit pieces and parts came from?

    A serious plan? Let’s “roll it out”!

    Speaking of Blueprints: How would you like to create your own drawings of a “Crankamacallit”? (Psst, a hint: could it be the special red pen?)