Last updated on November 26th, 2014

Apps That Are Shaping Social TV

In our home, we’re in that 86% refered to by Jim Hanas (link to the full article below) – we watch TV, read our iPads and connect with friends via social media and sent text messages on our iPhones. But we have yet to formally socialize our TV preferences or experiences.  (Go to Wikipedia for a good overview of Social TV.)

Jim briefly describes five apps that are already shaping social TV.  If you’re into co-creating, sharing and wanting to interact with others about your viewing habits and preferences, download one of these apps.

And, another biggie for marketers.

It’s easy to understand why 2012 is shaping up to be the year of social TV. Consumers are turning to the so-called second screen like never before. A 2011 whitepaper prepared by Yahoo/Nielsen reported that as many as 86 percent of viewers use mobile devices while watching TV. While many think that number might be high, it signals a trend in consumer behavior that cannot be ignored. Broadcasters and marketers are feeling the heat of both risk and reward. Risk if they do nothing and cede the second screen to Twitter and Angry Birds; reward if they find a way to deliver companion experiences, drive engagement–and expand ad inventory.
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