As a small creative agency owner, attending the occasional marketing workshop is a necessary investment, and I understand the value of marketing as a tool to reach my customers and grow my company to the next stage. However, like many marketers and entrepreneurs out there, I also know how important it is to continue my own education and to learn from the best out there. As such, partnering with and learning from people who have different and deeper experience with marketing is super important for me.

My partner and I have been attending a series of seminars and marketing workshops from Speaking Empire, a leading company that helps speakers and entrepreneurs figure out new and innovative ways to market their brand, and to become best-selling speakers and presenters in their niche. Their holistic system is based on selling from the stage, be it live at speaking events, or virtual stages via webinar, and the community they have built is full of entrepreneurs that have launched multi-million dollar businesses as a result of partnering with Speaking Empire.

During the last year we’ve attended multiple 3 day workshops and have been fortunate to meet and learn from many of these successful and inspiring people. Talk about JV opportunities, this alone has made being a member worthwhile.

What Is The Speaking Empire?

Speaking Empire Marketing Workshop LogoSpeaking Empire is a joint venture by Dustin Mathews and Dave Vanhoose to teach speakers, business owners and marketers to achieve their goals. From where I am sitting, they provide some of the best information out there regarding marketing, and Speaking Empire is a company that is committed to helping business owners and their companies reach their full potential.

Dustin and Dave founded Speaking Empire because they  believe that everyone has a message inside, and to help people find that message and then structure it into a way that communicates.

When you understand both the Signature Presentation Formula™ combined with Irresistible Offer Architecture™ you’ll have a powerful message.

By utilizing real-world tested methods and laying everything out in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, the team at Speaking Empire can help anyone achieve their goals.

A Marketing Workshop With a Difference

For my partner Robyn and I, investing in the time to attend the “Group Power Day” was one of the best ways to get started. We’ve also been to the “Presentainer”, where we learned presentation techniques and webinar formulas that entertain – but also help you sell in the process. You can check out this and some of their available seminars at to see what they can do for you. They helped us immensely, and I know that other entrepreneurs and marketers like us can benefit from their services.

The last and most recent in the trifecta of workshops is we attended was the “Brand Response Marketing Workshop”, and I wanted to give a shout out to Dustin Matthews, the CEO of the whole thing, and Emerson Brantley, the copywriting workshop lead for the team. Here is what I got out of everything.

Dustin Mathews, CEO of Speaking Empire

Dustin Mathews at the Brand Response Marketing WorkshopWhen most people think of a CEO, they imagine some guy sitting behind a desk who can’t be bothered with day-to-day operations. Dustin, however, is very much a hands-on person who wants to make sure that everyone who attends his events is not only having a good time but is getting the most value out of the service. After all, if we are here to learn something, we want to make sure that we walk away more knowledgeable than when we arrived.

Marketing wTo that end, Dustin was excellent and provided not only advice and brainstorming ideas while we were working, but a host of tools and templates that we could use at our disposal. In the end, it really felt like he was there for our benefit, not the other way around.

PS, Dustin just launched his new book, called “The no B.S. Guide to Powerful Presentations”, check it out here.

Emerson Brantley, Copywriter and Workshop Lead

Emerson Brantley at the marketing workshop of the Speaking EmpireWhen it comes to implementing new marketing tools, many people are so eager to try them out that they don’t step back and examine the overall strategy behind it. Why are we using this tool to reach out to our clients instead of something else? What value are we providing for our customers that will make them come to us instead of the competition?

Thanks to Emerson, I started thinking critically about how marketing can be utilized as well as the role that copywriting has in the whole process. I liked that he laid everything out in a simple manner that focused more on the customer’s experience rather than the uniqueness of the tools we could use. That way, we ensure that our clients are happy and coming to us in the future. Emerson has had some amazing experience and results when it comes to copywriting and marketing, you can check him out at Web3Direct and see some of the amazing marketing case histories. Emerson helped me see things from a different perspective, which is why I appreciated his input and recorded a separate video testimonial about the workshop experience with him here.

The Upcoming Amplify Event

Amplify is the follow up event to the brand response marketing workshop By the way, there is an amazing upcoming conference called “Amplify” I can highly recommend.

If you want to craft a message that resonates, deliver that message with power, and build a platform that reaches the world then Amplify is for you.

If you’re a high-level business owner and you want to get your company to the next stage, then you most likely want to attend this exciting and worthwhile event. It’s a collection of the top minds and leaders in the industry coming together to help everyone succeed to their full potential. As such, you need to reserve your space now as they are limited. Find out more about the event and how you can participate here.