How A History Radio Show Became A Hit In The Podcasting World


Last Updated on July 18, 2018

What Was The First Podcast You Ever Listened To?

For me, a standout experience was Dan Carlin’s “Hardcore History” Podcast.

It was one of the first shows I listened to, after a friend turned me on to it, and it continues to exemplify many of the reasons podcasts are so engaging and thought-provoking: A new take on historical events I never paid much attention to or didn’t understand, and which suddenly became totally riveting, thanks to Dan’s awesome storytelling style.

Compare and Contrast Story Telling

Historical storytelling podcastFor podcast newbies, I think the “Blueprint for Armageddon” series is an amazing place to start listening to a podcast. It is about the origins of the 1st World War, and how it morphed into the 2nd World War. Of course, this has been covered ad nauseam, but what Dan does so well is to compare and contrast historical events to present-day politics and equivalent theoretical scenarios. This technique really brings events of the past into life.

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Of course, I may be biased a bit. I grew up and went to school in Germany – and as a child going to “Gymnasium”, the German equivalent High School, we were still reticent to talk about the 2nd World War and Germany’s role in it. We kept being told that we would cover it all in Senior Year – by which time I had moved to the United States. So for me, the podcast covered a portion of historical education I was not as familiar with as I should have been.

Hardcore History – Origins

And I just came across this article which tells the story of how Dan launched his show, and how it became such a hit and staple in the podcasting world.

Read the Full Story Here:

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