Oceanographic Institute

3-D Animation & Video

Polymash was commissioned to create a 3D timeline model, animation sequences and overall video production for the 40th anniversary celebration of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute.

The video you see is a small silent excerpt from the overall video production sequence.

Oceanographic Institute
3-D Animation & Video

3D Special Effects Video

Oceanographic Institute
3-D Animation & Video Details

Project Overview

This project was produced for Harborbranch Oceanographic Institute in celebration of 40 years of Ocean Science for a better world.

Polymash Role

  • Team Polymash did the overall video production including project and interview coordination
  • Special effects 3-d Modeling of underwater sequences
  • Post and sound production and assembling of all the footage into the finished product
  • We worked with HBOI staff videographers and coordinated closely with the client


  • Tight shooting schedule
  • Integrating 3 types of footage into animation sequences
  • Remote team collaboration for live interviews
  • Creating an underwater landscape and objects


  • Complex animation sequence planning
  • Storyboarding
  • Interview Processes


The video featured at the 40th Year Anniversary Celebration events, and is a standing piece of footage shown to visitors at the Institute.

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