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Digital Strategy And Web Design

Finley Wealth Advisors is a Fee-Only Fiduciary with an Evidence-Based Approach to Wealth Management. At Finley, the primary focus is on the wealth management needs of the middle-class millionaire. As a fiduciary compensated directly by our clients with fully disclosed professional fees, honesty is the core of our relationship. We refuse commissions or any other misaligned third-party incentives

Digital Strategy

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Finley Wealth Advisors
Digital Strategy And Web Design

We created branding, designed the website, executed a digital strategy and content marketing approach including SEO organic growth

Finley Wealth Advisors Project Details

Project Overview

Our client contacted us for our comprehensive digital marketing and SEO growth  strategy, including web design, landing page and lead magnet development.

This project includes a fresh mobile responsive web site, the design of which is based on our value proposition design process and digital strategy roadmap. 

Polymash Role

  • Creation of a holistic digital strategy for the client’s business
  • Development of an inbound content marketing strategy
  • UX Design, Persona Development & Information Architecture
  • Branding, Graphic and Visual Design
  • Web Development, SEO and Site Performance Optimization
  • WordPress Theme Customization
  • Development of multiple lead magnets and landing pages for e-Mail list growth


  • Narrow Customer Focus on clients worth $2M +
  • Focus on local financial services for a website with a national audience
  • Balancing lead generation with friction-less and tasteful UX
  • Re-purposing existing assets

Project Goals

The goal was to provide Finley Wealth advisors with a modern conversion optimized website design, as well as a marketing automation platform to augment his PPC ad strategy.


The website and SEO strategy has been a success:

  • $3,400 worth of free organic traffic each month (in Google Adwords Value)
  • SEO presence increase with 1,022 targeted financial keywords in 2 years
  • Significant increase in website domain authority

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