Last updated on May 2nd, 2018

FilmoneFest iPhone Home ScreenFilmOneFest II – iPhone, Android and iPad App

Available Now on iTunes and Google Play

FilmOneFest II – a celebration of the one minute film as an art form.

Polymash created the first FilmOneFest app for iPad in 2011. It was such a huge success that people without iPads were asking for it to be available on their smartphones. We listened. And so this year, for the 2012 film festival, we have designed FilmOneFest II as a universal app, now available on iPhone, Android and iPad.

There’s no doubt that the world loves film. Now think about films that are one minute long! Just imagine what it takes to tell a story, deliver a message, connect emotionally and successfully in a film of one minute! It takes talent. So to help share such talent across the world, we have created an app for the FilmOneFest film festival, curating and showing the work of talented filmmakers as a way to inspire others to question, experiment, explore, laugh, cry, and unite us in our common humanity through this medium.

App features:

  • One-minute films from artists from all around the world, categorized by year and award
  • Interviews with selected artists about their passions and inspirations
  • Ability to save videos to your favorites
  • Meet the esteemed selection panel to learn their criteria for award nominations
  • Post to and comment on your Facebook page and Twitter stream
  • Find out how to submit your own work for future FilmOneFest festivals
  • Keep up to date with ongoing submissions throughout the year

Social Media

Most importantly, you can let your friends know what you think about each film by linking to and commenting on your own social media pages from within the app.

Ongoing Submissions

Visit the app often, because we’ll be adding one-minute films throughout the year in preparation for next year’s event. And, if you are a film-maker or know one, you can apply to submit to FilmOneFest from within this app.

App Support:


FilmOneFest I App

Please find out more about the original 2011 iPad app and download it from iTunes. FilmOneFest partnered with Polymash to create a festival iPad app available through the iTunes store since 2011. The FilmOneFest iPad app is a collection of one-minute films from filmmakers all around the world with supporting stories, artists’ statements and interviews.

Please note: This app was retired in early 2018

This app had a great 6-year run since it’s launch in 2012. Nonetheless, we’ve been focused on creating great universal web experiences and have launched other resources to take the app’s place. Please visit the FilmOneFest site for the latest.