As a followup to the post raising the question if the line between eBooks and Apps is becoming blurred, I found this video that nicely demonstrates some of the interaction and content engagement that takes place when using this App/eBool.

I think this must be extremely expensive to produce, but on the other hand emerging class of consumers expect a greater amount of engagement and interaction with content, then they may just be willing to pay for it.

It does lead to several questions on what skill upgrades are necessary to become an author in a post tree world.

Will the line between being an author, being a programmer and being a designer also blur?
Or will the author of the future be coordinator, will producing such content rely on better and more streamlined collaboration between team members, each responsible for only a portion?
Should one really need to know Objective C, Adobe After Effects, 3D design programs to produce interesting and valued content?

User generated content trend of the past 5 years empowered the end users to author more directly, but the ability to produce interactive content and package it into eBooks / Apps of the future will escape many mainstream content generators until the tools to simplify such creations arrive.

Therein lies an opportunity to market new tools to empower individual authors to more easily produce such interactive and engaging content.