Crankamacallit Breaks Into Top 20 Story Book Apps For Kids

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Last Updated on March 8, 2017

Effects of our Back To School Promotion

The Crankamacallit story book app for kids continues to rise rapidly in the App Store ranking!

And looking a bit more closely (click here or on the image below), one can see that there are only 4 kids apps in the top 20. So in way we’re in the top 5 for story book apps for kids. As for the rest we’re competing with apps like  iBooks, Nook, Kindle, Scholastic etc. So that’s pretty good company.

story book apps for kids

We are extremely pleased that our back to school campaign is so well received, especially as the books category is the most popular in the app store. This means competition there is fierce, and we can be proud of this ranking. I’m attaching a graphic that illustrates:

story book apps for kids in the competitive books category


Crankamacallit Story Book App for Kids – Campaign Details

The Crankamacallit will be FREE all day Thursday, August 30th, and will continue to be available for 60%off through Labor Day Weekend!