Last updated on November 26th, 2014

A simple yet powerful innovation in iOS 5 – the introduction of Newsstand – is rapidly changing the way people buy and read magazines and other periodical and subscription based content.

But the opportunity created isn’t just for those with traditional publications.

If you are a content owner of any kind – author, blogger, information product owner, etc. – this may well be your entry point in the app store.

[box] reported this statement from a press release by Ryan Marquis, Pixel Mags founder and COO: “We quickly started to realize just how big of an impact Apple Newsstand was having on our business when on the morning after launch, I received a phone call from our server company wondering if we were under attack,” said Ryan Marquis, PixelMags’ founder and COO, in a company’s press release.

With the release of Newsstand came an incredible surge in subscriptions to digital magazines.  Another article sites examples from Conde Nast’s surge of  268 percent spike to  PixelMags reported 1,150 percent growth increase in the first week after Newsstand and iOS 5 debuted on Oct. 12th.  The article goes on to say: “Without a doubt, Newsstand increases the visibility of subscription-based magazine and newspaper apps, which often get buried under the onslaught of games, social media and photo apps that tend to dominate the App Store’s charts.”[/box]

And that is exactly why this is a significant development for content owners.

Don’t just think magazine, think about the wonderful content you deliver to your customers on your websites, blogs, and in your information products.  Apps based on great content, not flashy interactivity are a whole new delivery channel.  Combine elegant design with your content and package it as an app and you deliver a superior experience of your content.  Content intensive apps now have a place because they have a context end users can understand.

The magazine app format, and its dedicated Newstand marketplace, are an opportunity to deliver not only magazines, but also other periodical or subscription based content. Like it or not when people think app they typically think games or utilities because until the iPad launched that is what made sense.

Until now the kind of content delivered on websites and in webinars would too easily got lost in the app store.

Why?  Because the natural form for this content – a magazine-like app – had no dedicated category that would make sense to potential customers.  The context to find and browse through such apps did not exist.  And the Adobe Digital Publishing suite give us as app developers a fantastic way to deliver this kind of content directly to the Newstand.

The iOS 5 Newsstand changed all that.  A simple change in context boosted subscriptions to apps already in the app store significantly.  What might a content rich app do for your business?  Your readers may keep your content in their bookmarks, RSS feeds and e-mail in-boxes.

Maybe it is time for your content to find a place on your readers Newstand, too.

Do you wish you could say “we have an app for that?”  Contact us to learn more about how you can transform your great content into an app and take your place on your customers Newstand shelf.