The Crankamacallit Hangar

The Crankamacallit Hangar is where it all happens! Inside is the "Cranka Works" inventor's workshop, complete with interactive toolbenches, drafting equipment, windmill parts and a mysterious device called the "INFLATATRON". I wonder what that…

The Crankamacallit workbench.

The Crankamacallit workbench. Open the interactive toolbox and empty it by hanging all the tools up on the pegboard wall. And be careful with the grinder... Plus a few sound surprises in store as well!

Version 1.2 of Embracing Change iPad App Coaches Users To Be Change Agents

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We just released Version 1.2, with enhanced audio tips, Social Media integration, improved navigation and more... Thanks for all the great suggestion to make this app a hit!Press Release from PRWeb Version 1.2 of this innovative iPad app…

Our 20 Second Polymash Spot Ad

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Producing Video: We're working on our own small 20 second spot"Interested in finding out more? Learn about the Polymash digital publishing and app development methods, digital publishing webinars, notification of iTunes and Android app releases,…

Embracing Change - The App

"Embracing Change": it's (a)live! We are extremely pleased to share that "Embracing Change", our most recent app, is now available in the iTunes app store.[box type="shadow"]Deal with Disruptive Change *** Discover your Strengths *** Dream…

Happy to be listed in Adobe’s Digital Publishing Gallery

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[one_half]Anyone interested in how Ditigal Publishing for tablets is evolving should check out the Adobe Digital Publishing suite, which is the platform we have been using at Polymash for the last 1/2 year or so as alpha testers. It is now in…

Our Latest App is now Live!

Please note: This app was replaced in early 2018 This app had a great 6-year run since it's launch in 2012. Nonetheless, we've been focused on creating great universal web experiences and have launched other resources to take the app's place.We've…

Kirkus Reviews the Crankamacallit

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A brawny antidote to the fairy-tale adaptations and cutesy cartoon-character apps that overstuff the App Store, this ear-catchingly titled story is all about power tools and building.