Are app development costs decreasing?

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App Cost Calculators Can Help Figure Out The Cost To Develop An App. We encourage our clients to estimate what an app will likely cost by considering advice from multiple sources.

There are now several app cost calculators out there, and by plugging in assumptions and required features, you should be able to get a consensus opinion about what the ballpark cost will be.

Top of the Class

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Polymash is proud to announce that one of its apps, Wild Dolphins, has been acknowledged as a Top of the Class app by eSpark. The iPad app tells powerful stories through interactive media of dolphin rescues and efforts to keep them living…

Tablet Wars: It’s the Apps, Stupid!

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The Apple and Samsung patent trial is expected to come to a close this week. Samsung is accused of infringing on iPhone and iPad patents in the design of their own devices. The outcome, be it either a win for Samsung or Apple, will likely influence…

What does it take to make an App?

Are you thinking of creating an app? In this post we outline some readiness factors to consider before getting started. Since 2010 we've had lots of people approach us with great ideas for apps. Many clients share our vision that the future…