Why is the tablet app market so popular right now?

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I was recently interviewed by Business News Daily on the popularity and trends in the Tablet app market, and one of the questions asked was why the tablet app industry is so popular right now. A Seismic Shift Of course there are too many dimensions…

A year is a very long time in publishing

[facebook] Here is a brief section of an interview by AnnArbor.com with Borders CEO Mike Edwards about the ongoing bankruptcy, and his surprised reaction to how fast e-books and tablets have impacted the publishing industry. AnnArbor.com: With…

Version 1.2 of Embracing Change iPad App Coaches Users To Be Change Agents

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We just released Version 1.2, with enhanced audio tips, Social Media integration, improved navigation and more... Thanks for all the great suggestion to make this app a hit!Press Release from PRWeb Version 1.2 of this innovative iPad app…

Unhappy publishers watch Apple cement its grip on tablet, app and subscription markets

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How long will Apple hang onto its leadership position in the tablet market? With a slew of new tablets having been announced in recent months, one might be forgiven to interpret the plethora of upcoming devices as an indication of upcoming alternatives…

Vogue launches on the iPad, featuring Lady Gaga

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Vogue Magazine came out today for the iPad, with an interesting business model: 99c per issue, less content than the full magazine. “With the Cover Exclusive app, we have created a custom brand of journalism targeted at the Twitter generation—a…

Alternatives to Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite

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The tablet market is continuing to exhibit astonishing growth (17 billion in revenue forecasted for mobile applications in 2011 - source: Gartner)It is not surprising that more platforms for digital publishing and porting content onto the…

Our iPad app breaks into the top 100 ranking for the busines scategory

Glad to share that "Embracing Change" climbed into the top 100 it's first week out, and we have not started our marketing campaign yet. Stay tuned:)

Happy to be listed in Adobe’s Digital Publishing Gallery

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[one_half]Anyone interested in how Ditigal Publishing for tablets is evolving should check out the Adobe Digital Publishing suite, which is the platform we have been using at Polymash for the last 1/2 year or so as alpha testers. It is now in…

Breaking: Apple announces digital magazine subscription model

Apple announced the terms of their new digital magazine subscription model yesterday in an agreement with app developer and digital publisher Texterity, which they posted on their web site last night. It clears up a number of concerns to the…

Pope blesses iPhone app to help guide worshippers through confession

Overheard on on the BBC today: Catholic church gives blessing to iPhone appPope Benedict XVI has said Catholics should use digital technologies responsibly. The Confession program has gone on sale through iTunes for £1.19 ($1.99).Continue…