Are app development costs decreasing?

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App Cost Calculators Can Help Figure Out The Cost To Develop An App. We encourage our clients to estimate what an app will likely cost by considering advice from multiple sources.

There are now several app cost calculators out there, and by plugging in assumptions and required features, you should be able to get a consensus opinion about what the ballpark cost will be.

Study finds Germans and Canadians Biggest App Users

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I'm motivated to share some valuable findings from a study about consumers' behaviors as they relate to the use of mobile devices and apps.  The study, The Pulse of the Consumer: Global Trends in Mobile Communications was presented by Deloitte…

Tablet Wars: It’s the Apps, Stupid!

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The Apple and Samsung patent trial is expected to come to a close this week. Samsung is accused of infringing on iPhone and iPad patents in the design of their own devices. The outcome, be it either a win for Samsung or Apple, will likely influence…

#2 Top Ranked iPad App in Business

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Top Ranked iPad App in the business category!Our “Embracing Change” app made it to #2 yesterday and holds the position today. We gifted it to the world for Valentine’s day.So take advantage of a very cool, top ranked iPad app, created…

Version 1.2 of Embracing Change iPad App Coaches Users To Be Change Agents

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We just released Version 1.2, with enhanced audio tips, Social Media integration, improved navigation and more… Thanks for all the great suggestion to make this app a hit!Press Release from PRWebVersion 1.2 of this innovative iPad app providesstep-by-step…

Alternatives to Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite

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The tablet market is continuing to exhibit astonishing growth (17 billion in revenue forecasted for mobile applications in 2011 - source: Gartner) It is not surprising that more platforms for digital publishing and porting content onto the…

Our iPad app breaks into the top 100 ranking for the busines scategory

Glad to share that "Embracing Change" climbed into the top 100 it's first week out, and we have not started our marketing campaign yet. Stay tuned:)

Happy to be listed in Adobe’s Digital Publishing Gallery

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[one_half]Anyone interested in how Ditigal Publishing for tablets is evolving should check out the Adobe Digital Publishing suite, which is the platform we have been using at Polymash for the last 1/2 year or so as alpha testers. It is now in…

Gone in 5 seconds…

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I've really come to appreciate the 5 second usability test: [one_half]Conducting these 5 second tests for our recently launched iPad helped a lot in getting user feedback on the look and feel and iconography. This tried and true UX exercise…