Are app development costs decreasing?

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App Cost Calculators Can Help Figure Out The Cost To Develop An App. We encourage our clients to estimate what an app will likely cost by considering advice from multiple sources.

There are now several app cost calculators out there, and by plugging in assumptions and required features, you should be able to get a consensus opinion about what the ballpark cost will be.

Study finds Germans and Canadians Biggest App Users

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I'm motivated to share some valuable findings from a study about consumers' behaviors as they relate to the use of mobile devices and apps.  The study, The Pulse of the Consumer: Global Trends in Mobile Communications was presented by Deloitte…

Tablet Wars 2012: It's the Apps, Stupid!

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The Apple and Samsung patent trial is expected to come to a close this week. Samsung is accused of infringing on iPhone and iPad patents in the design of their own devices. The outcome, be it either a win for Samsung or Apple, will likely influence…

#2 Top Ranked iPad App in Business

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Top Ranked iPad App in the business category! Our "Embracing Change" app made it to #2 yesterday and holds the position today. We gifted it to the world for Valentine's day.So take advantage of a very cool, top ranked iPad app, created…

Are We Asking the Right Questions About Apple’s iBooks Push?

In the last week or so, the news have been full of stores about the impact of Apple's announcement of iBooks and iBooks authoring software. Fastcompany just posted an interesting article about the many questions Apple's entry into this space…

Get Yourself on the Shelf

iOS Newstand isn't just a breakthrough for traditional publishers. How any content owner, from authors to bloggers to information product owners, can leverage this innovation to gain a presence in the app store, too.

This week in Hollywood: Adobe Max!

For us in the Digital Publishing and App development world, this is an interesting week. Watch out for Adobe MAX announcement about the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, and catch the keynote events live. For  those of us not able to attend this…

New SlideShare with HTML5 plays on any device, plus a mobile App

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I am as big fan of SlideShare, but have been visiting less often over the last year since my primary web browsing device has become the iPad. So I'm happy to hear that SlideShare is now introducing an HTML5 compatible upgrade of their site that…

Mimi Cross Interview - Author of the Crankamacallit iPad app

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In this interview, Mimi Cross, author of the recently released Crankamacallit iPad app, talks about her experience in creating an interactive children's story in this new medium.[box type="bio"] The interview was designed in an appreciative…

It's the Crankamacallit!

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We're super excited to announce that our next iPad app has launched! The Crankamacallit is an interactive children's book chock full of interactive features, discoveries, sounds, animations, 360 degree panoramas, mini games and more. I think…