Last updated on November 26th, 2014

Lloyd’s underwriters are testing the iPad’s usefulness in the insurance market. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PAFor centuries, insurance brokers could be seen in the City clutching bundles of papers in leather slipcases. But the underwriting slip, detailing a risk to be placed on the Lloyd’s of London market, could soon be a thing of the past.

Lloyd’s of London has begun a pilot scheme to replace underwriting slips with iPads, Apple‘s tablet computer (right), which has become a runaway success since its launch this year.

B2B applications and opportunties for the iPad are increasing, the latest being Lloyds of London. If a staunchy insurance agent can mobilize their workforce with a tablet device, to me the is a surefire message in there that more widespread acceptance of tablet devices in the businessnmarket is imminent.

While it seems that such mobile opportunities should have existed for the iPhone already, the form factor difference is a clear factor here.

And also revealing is the fact that such specialized and niche apps are developed in low quantities in he B2B world, where volume based revenue from app store sales are not a factor.