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Guide: Anatomy of SEO Optimized Show Notes

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All Slides From "How to Design Podcast Interviews for SEO Success"

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About Our Podcast SEO Marketing Course:

A Future Proof Way to Grow Your Show
Without Spending Money On Ads!

Many people are intimidated by Search Engine Optimization and think earning organic traffic to their blog, podcast episode and show pages is out of reach... and maybe you feel the same way.

Isn't it all too complicated, too technical, too time consuming?

It's time to realize that SEO content marketing  represents a massive advantage for you as a podcaster, if you learn the simple basic techniques and tools for creating optimized show and episode posts and gain some earned traffic.

The time it takes to learn and apply the basic concepts outlined in this course pales in comparison to the time you are already spending on recording and producing your show. So with a little additional effort and a few good tools you might as well benefit from making your show more findable and increasing your site rank in the process.

Sure, some podcast producers and marketers spend money on Facebook Ads in order to increase traffic and increase listeners. But a much better strategy is to FIRST ensure your episodes are findable on the web - BEFORE spending money on ads.

It's a win-win.

What You'll Discover in this Course:

An easy to understand course structure especially geared to podcasters, with videos, hands-on exercises, resources and infographics

Traditional SEO Marketing Matters for your podcast, now more than ever

Growing a subscriber base these days needs to happen largely outside of Apple Podcast & iTunes. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of SEO based marketing to yield long term results, without expensive ad campaigns.

Apple Podcast Optimization as well as Search Engine Readiness

We make sure your podcast is optimized for discoverability on Apple Podcasts / iTunes, and more importantly for discoverability on the web. This means getting your show's web site properly configured for SEO and configuring the appropriate tools.

SEO Keyword Research

Podcast SEO Keyword Research -  Grow Your Podcast Content Strategy

Keyword research for podcasting is the fine art of targeting your episodes for BOTH listeners and search engines. These in-depth lessons, tools and exercises will have you create a list of podcast episode ideas based on long tail, high traffic, yet low difficulty keywords.


The best keyword ideas are worthless without Great Episode Titles

You will learn how to generate great episode titles, and a range of tools to help you along the way. The goal is to attract existing listeners as well as new subscribers, get clicks to your podcast show notes pages, and place your podcast episodes into the search engine result pages (SERP). 

Optimizing your content, AKA Technical On-Page SEO

It's easier than it sounds. You will be able to make sure your episode post content, headings, paragraphs and images are all perfectly SEO optimized and submitted to search engines with the best chance to rank for your keywords.

Crafting Click-Worthy Search Results to attract listeners & subscribers

These lessons will focus techniques and tools to help craft what your podcast episodes look like in search results, as well as when your episodes are being shared on Facebook and other social media platforms. 

Putting it all together in building your Podcast Content Strategy

Utilizing the "cornerstone content strategy" approach will help you reliably boost episode content near the top of the search results, in less time, and even for relatively new or low ranking podcast pages. 

Podcast List Building & Promotion beyond SEO based marketing

Once you have the fundamentals of SEO based marketing in place, it will only be a matter of time before your work is permanently paying off. These lessons cover ideas beyond SEO around promoting and boosting your podcast even faster.

Includes access to our Podcast SEO Marketing Masterclass Livestreams, starting in April 2020

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