Last updated on May 13th, 2017

The last week of June, Polymash participated in an initiative sponsored by Chase and Living Social – Mission: Small Business (initial goal of which was to amass 250 votes for our business in order to be eligible for one of 12 $250,000.00 grants).

As I filled out the online submission, our Polymash mission became so acutely alive for me. There was a energy that empowered me to achieve this goal by contacting you all with courage and belief that you would support us.  We reached out to you through emails, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  It was so gratifying and uplifting to receive messages back with your votes of support.  Thank you all so much.

We have been in the mobile strategy and app development business for 2 years. In that time we are proud of the contributions we’ve made and the apps we have designed and developed.

What would we do with the grant?  People come to us weekly with fabulous ideas for apps.  There is no shortage of creativity and innovation.  Examples include environmental apps like a Recycling Helper, Home Energy Audit App, Regional Plant Guide, a School App that connects teachers, students and alumni and many more educational concepts, such as a speech therapy app to help children who cannot communicate verbally. We want to support the innovative ideas that people and businesses have to engage with their constituents and make their visions real.

In addition, we also have an established portfolio of apps that we want to market more widely and we want to bring people on board so we can develop others in this very exciting and expanding field of mobile.

We are deeply grateful to all our Polymash supporters.  My personal note of thanks I posted on my blog, Positive Matrix and invite you to read more about what this experience meant to me.