Last updated on January 7th, 2015

Here is a statistic you don’t see every day: The percentage of virgins by major! (for the purpose of full disclosure I have to admit I was a fine arts major. Photography rocks!)

First of all I wonder who commissioned the study and for what purpose?

  • To prevent art majors from being so damn promiscuous?
  • To encourage math majors to get laid more?

One obvious conclusion is to invite more math students to those wild art parties.

Secondly, I have a chicken and egg question:

  • Does the workload of a math/science student keep them too busy to “get busy”? Or are they just so geeky they don’t “get any”, so they may as well study?
  • And is being an art major too easy? Do Art students have so much free time on their hands that it inevitably leading to more sex (and drugs, rock and roll, etx.)?

Either way, I think the indication here is that “Computer Science” is reaping the benefits from not being as geeky as it once was.