Breaking: Apple announces digital magazine subscription model


Apple announced the terms of their new digital magazine subscription model yesterday in an agreement with app developer and digital publisher Texterity, which they posted on their web site last night. It clears up a number of concerns to the publishing industry, and finally clears the hurdle for existing subscribers of print content not having to pay again for a digital version of the same magazine.

From the Texterity Web Post:

Publishers can sell print subscriptions, and offer “digital companion” access through an app as long as there is no additional fee for those subscribers. It’s a way to offer another incentive for print subs to stay loyal and engaged. Read more

Key Points from a Harrison Group Survey on Tablet Technologies and Digital Publishing


Unlike other new technologies, this revolution is not about the technology itself, but rather, about the role that content plays in people’s lives

The above is my favorite quote from the Harrison Survey on the impact that the iPad and other tablet devices are having on the digital publishing and technology landscape in general. I also thought it interesting that the “early adopter” persona / stigma is in fact changing:

“Early adopters of eReading are more likely to see themselves as fashionable, playful, family-focused and kind, as opposed to the technology and leadership orientation of early adopters in prior technological revolutions”

Other Key Points:

  • Tablet users spend 50% more time reading magazines, 75% more time reading newspapers, and 25% more time reading books.
  • Accelerated estimates of 20 million tablets sold in 2011, with 13% of all consumers expressing interest in purchasing a tablet in the next 12 months.
  • Inevitability of tablets as the delivery mechanism for digital magazines
  • Comfort with digital payment systems that debit accounts
  • Multi function tablet devices instead of single purpose e-readers
  • Continued privacy concerns and acknowledgment of the importance solutions in that space
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